Traeger 575 vs 780 – Which traeger grill is the best?

Traeger is a very well-known name for the best wood pellet grills of fairly good quality in terms of the current market. The Traeger 575 vs 780 pellet grills have been upgraded with the best quality and more features from the previous Traeger grill pro series.

Now, we have beautifully highlighted many features of the Traeger grill reviews. In this review, we will discuss a little bit about the two grill Traeger pro 575 vs Traeger pro 780 grills.

Gain an idea of these grills by observing the end of the discussion & finding out the secret behind their being the best.

traeger 575 vs 780
Figure: traeger 575 vs 780

Traeger 575 vs 780 – Noteworthy Features At A Glimpse 

  • With the D-2 controller and direct drives, you can control the temperature of the grill, which is pretty cool.
  • You don’t always have to stand next to the grill to cook inside the grill. You can also control the temperature inside the grill by using your smartphone.
  • When you cook on these grills, you will get different flavors in the wood pellets.
  • You will see the LCD screen light when you press the dial button on the grill, it will help you to control the grill easily.
  • Because of the fan inside the grill, the grill will make some noise when you have ignited it, which is relatively tolerable.

Comparison chart – Traeger 575 vs 780

For the convenience of understanding, some comparative differences of Traeger pro series 575 vs 780 are given below:

Imagetraeger 575 vs 780traeger 575 vs 780
Dimensions – in41 W x 53 H x 27 D49 W x 55 H x 27 D
Grate (Primary)418 sq. Inches570 sq. Inches
Grate (Secondary)154 sq. Inches210 sq. Inches
Rib Capacity56
Turbo TempYesYes
Hopper Size18 lbs18 lbs
Meat Probe11
Super SmokeNoNo
Maximum Capacity500° F500° F
Locking CastersNoYes

 What users are saying about Traeger 575 vs 780?

Traeger pro 575 vs 780 both wood pellet grills are widely known for good grills and smoke the meat for excellence. It will give you a nice smoky wood scent, which you will not get much flavor on gas-fueled grills.

Traeger grill makers have created a sophisticated feature of these two grills, which is that you can easily control the grill through an app. It’s really a great quality feature. This will protect the food from cooking risks and food spoilage.

The most important thing about a Traeger grill is its Electrical Power! and it determines how many pellets will go into its burner cup.

In-Depth  Review of the features of the Traeger 575 vs 780 


The body of the Traeger pro 575 features a single-wall body, enameled rod cooking grates, and chimney vent similar to the Traeger construction. A secondary elevated cooking grate has been added for an extra cooking capacity in both the Traeger pro series 575 and 780 cases.

Cooking Space

Initially, there is a difference in Traeger grill dimensions and space between these two grills, compared to pro 780 with 575, Traeger pro series 780 will have 36% more space. Although there is more space in Traeger 780, it is not a significant issue. Traeger 575 has 5 slabs on the ribs, and Traeger 780 has 6 slabs on the ribs. An extra slab on the ribs didn’t seem too much of a difference and distinct a feature.

More metal has been added to the Traeger Pro 780 to increase the temperature/heat and reheated always when the grill is opened.

Smoke Settings

Basically, when we research Traeger grill reviews there are no specific smoke settings between Traeger pro series 575 or 780. For smoke settings, you can upgrade to the Ironwood series or downgrade Generation 1 Pro series (Pro 22 or Pro 34). Standard control panels were added to previous grills as smoke settings. If necessary, you can select any other brand of your choice.

Electrical Powers

One important thing is this for a Traeger grill. This indicates how many pellets will go into the burner cup. The pellets are burned by the hot electric rod inside. Thus, care must be taken to ensure that the grills are always connected to a source of electrical power. This helps the other motors inside the grills to run with electrical power and maintains the inside of the grill with temperature.

Traeger 575 vs 780 –  How does it work?

 New controllers/motors:

  • In Traeger smoker reviews it works just as well as the higher Traeger pellet grill. It has been significantly upgraded with a D2 drivetrain and Wi-Fire controller. Traeger grills are made with the same combination of completely new motors/controllers in Ironwood and Timberline grills.
  • According to the previous model, the motor for the auger is powered by direct current (DC) instead of alternating current (AC). We always choose a product that is easy to understand and convenient to control. The current in AC by its definition is not so easy to control.
  • On the other hand, Direct Current (DC) power has a constant current that easily simplifies equipment. Combining a DC-powered motor with a modern electric controller can easily control the temperature of the grill within 5 degrees Fahrenheit without hassle. (+ -) 15-degree temperature offered by this controller.
  • In particular, its Turbo-Temp function can heat the grill quickly and help to keep it free from heat loss after opening the lid. The peculiarity of this is that the controller and the motor as a whole are able to closely monitor the usage of the amp.
  • If the controller works an abnormal spike on the amp, it assumes that the auger is jammed and it will run backward for a minute and fix the problem and then start the pellet grill again.

Traeger app version:

  • By installing the Traeger app, you can command the controller with any smartphone via Wi-Fi. They have a great setting in the cooking options. You can set the temperature of the internal meat according to your target. When it reaches a certain temperature, the grill will go into a cold mode so that the food does not overheat.

Pros & Cons- Traeger 575 vs 780



Quick and easy assembly

Autoignition start-up

Easy shutdown process

Meat probes built-in

Control temperature



Can use easily

Smoke with the compatible result

Well built and sturdy

Control cooking time and temperature with iPhone



Does not have lifting handles on side of the grill



No storage cabinets below the grill

Side shelves absent

Frequently Asked Questions  About Traeger pro 575 vs 780

Q: I have more family members, which one should I buy?

Ans: There are many standard grills in the current market. However, between these two grills, you can take the Pro 780 grill for a big event or for any big family members, of its extra slabs, ribs, and other features.

Q: What is the maximum temperature tolerated by these two grills?

Ans: In Traeger pro series 575 vs 780, suitable up to a maximum temperature of 500 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: I like red, can these products be available in this color?

Ans: No! The company only assembles these products in bronze and black colors.

Q:  What will be the exact weight measurement of the two grills?

Ans: Simply, Traeger pro 575 is 124 lbs and pro 780 is 155 lbs in weight.

Q:  How many years will the Traeger company give a warranty?

Ans: The company will give you a warranty of up to 3 years for any defect in the product.

Q: Is the Traeger 780 worth it?

Ans: It achieves a 5-star rating grill by customer viewers ratings. It is the best in all for the best smoking and grilling quality products, all the necessary facilities, and updated materials. Easy to set up and get started, and creates the perfect grilling and smoke in your kitchen.

Q: Is Traeger pro series 575 a grill/smoker?

Ans: Versatile BBQ cooking: Traeger pro 575 pellet grill presents 6 in 1 versatility to BBQ, grill, bake, smoke, braise or roast all on the same grill.

Final Word

Are you interested in buying one of the Traeger pro series 575 or 780 products? Then I would suggest you buy Traeger pro 575.

Because it is not appropriate for me to spend an extra $ 200 as an extra slab of rib according to the ability to smoke. 

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