Schwinn 411 vs 470 -Which one is Best?

Schwinn is the industry leader in low-cost, high-quality elliptical trainers. The Schwinn 411 vs 470 elliptical machines are two of the most well-known elliptical machines on the market. They are both highly regarded home elliptical cross-trainers. Both types incorporate magnetic resistance, and pulse grips, and can support users weighing up to 300 pounds. It is really tough for you to choose the ideal one for you.

schwinn 411 vs 470

Do you really want to know how to select one of Schwinn 411 vs 470 easily? Then just see our side-by-side comparison below. We are certain that by using our comparison table, you will have a simpler way of selecting the perfect item.

Quick Comparison Between Schwinn 411 vs 470 Elliptical Machine

A comparison of the Schwinn 411 vs 470 ellipticals plainly demonstrates two machines made for different price ranges, yet both are effective for home exercises. The ability to link to the Discover the Word application, wireless heart rate tracking, and features such as a water bottle holder are all commonalities.

The Schwinn 411 elliptical is ideal for those searching for a low-cost choice, as the compact machine design is ideal for tiny settings. The 470, on the other hand, is a clear winner, with additional resistance levels, incline capacity, and exercise programs.

Before we get into our more extensive comparison, we’ll go through their primary characteristics. So, A comparison table showing the differences between the Schwinn 470 vs 411 is provided below.

Schwinn 411

Schwinn 470

Dimensions: 53.8" H x 24" L x 62.5" W

Dimensions: 63.2" H x 70.1" L x 28.2" W

Weight Limit: 300 lbs.

Weight Limit: 300 lbs.

13 workout programs

29 workout programs

Levels of Resistance: 16

Levels of Resistance: 25

18" in stride length

20 "in stride length.

5'5" LCD consoles

Dual LCD consoles

There are no incline levels.

Yes, there are incline levels.

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Similarities and Dissimilarities between the Schwinn 411 and the Schwinn 470.


There are several changes between these ellipticals in terms of console design. The Schwinn 411 only has a simple console, but it contains a lot of statistics such as speed, distance, calories, and heart rate. This will be shown on a 5.5″ high-contrast LCD display.

The 470’s console features a backlit LCD, which makes data viewing considerably easier. It’s a DualTrack blue backlit LCD, which means it has two screens and a lot of information.

Resistance Levels:

The 470 comes out on top with 25 resistance levels, compared to the Schwinn 411’s 16 levels. With 25 resistance levels, you can adapt your workout to your specific demands and continue to challenge yourself with a new level on a regular basis as you grow fitter.

Number of Workout Programs:

You’ll love the 470’s 29 training routines, as opposed to the Schwinn 411’s 13 selections. The Schwinn 470 elliptical also provides convenience with features such as Quick Start programs, four custom program selections, and two fitness assessments.

On both machines, you also get the Explore My World app, which you may connect to. This allows you to simulate travel on tracks all around the world. Your workouts will be tracked and mapped. You have the choice of using the free version or subscribing to obtain additional options.

Heart Rate Monitoring Functions:

Heart rate can be measured on both the Schwinn 411 and 470 ellipticals. Simply place your hands on the machine’s grip heart rate monitors. With its touch and telemetry-enabled design, you can monitor your heart rate wirelessly during your workout.

Levels of Incline:

The incline is a distinguishing feature that distinguishes ellipticals. The 411 does not have an inclination option, although the 470 does. You can change the inclination to increase your chances of completing a difficult exercise.

Length of Stride:

Elliptical machines require a high level of comfort. If the size of a tiny unit does not suit your height or build, it may restrict your mobility. The 411 is a much more compact elliptical with a maximum stride length of 18 inches. Because of the 20 stride design, the 470 elliptical gains 2 inches, giving it a better alternative for tall people.


The Schwinn 411 elliptical trainer weighs 53.8 pounds and dimensions “62.5” x 24″ x 62.5″ according to the Schwinn 411 review. You must be able to lift 100 pounds to operate the Schwinn 411.

The Schwinn 470 elliptical requires a space that is 63.2″ high, 70.1″ long, and 28.2″ wide. This model weighs 168.7 lbs, making it significantly heavier than its predecessor. As you can see, the Schwinn 411 wins in this case, especially for those who don’t have a lot of spare space.

Both types will include transport wheels, or rollers, to assist you in moving them into position.

Built-in Functions:

To listen to music, the Schwinn 470 elliptical trainer offers an adjustable fan and built-in speakers. A USB media charging connector is also included. However, when comparing the 411 to the 470, the 411 comes out on top because both include built-in bottle holders and a media rack. Keep hydrated by using the water bottle holder, and keep your book or iPad in front of you during your workout.


In this section, you will discover the value of acquiring Schwinn ellipticals from a leading company. The frame is covered for a whopping ten years, all mechanical parts for two years, and electronics for one year. A three-month warranty is provided for any labor, except the installation of replacements related to initial product assembly.

It should be noted that this only applies if the elliptical machine is bought in the United States or Canada.

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What Users Say About Schwinn 411 vs 470?

Existing consumers praise the Schwinn 411 for being rather simple to assemble, and you may get assistance from the company if necessary. If something goes wrong, they’ll even replace the parts. It isn’t ideal, though, since there are issues syncing to the Explore My World app and some users report that components wear out rapidly. However, the tiny shape and low price make it a fan favorite.

In Schwinn 470, people enjoy the high-quality workouts provided by the 29 training programs. However, there are significant reservations regarding the accuracy of the measurements.

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Final Word

The top-of-the-line Schwinn 470 features a stronger flywheel, more resistance levels, weights 64% more for stability, and includes a motorized incline. The 411 model does not have an inclination. The 470 includes additional training programs, more resistance levels, specialized resistance buttons, a USB charging connector, four user profiles, speakers, and a 3-speed cooling fan for the computer console.

The 411 elliptical is one of Schwinn’s most affordable models, although it lacks some amenities such as additional resistance levels, programs, a cooling fan, speakers, a nicer dashboard with illumination, and an inclination ramp. It also has a lot less weight, which reduces stability.  But The Schwinn 411 and Schwinn 470 both offer Bluetooth and heart telemetry, as well as the capacity to run APPs on your phone or tablet.

Finally, we hope that this post, Schwinn 411 vs 470, will assist you in making a decision between the two. Both variants have high ratings and will provide an excellent low-impact exercise.

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