Pit Boss 700fb vs Classic Pit Boss – Which is the best?

There are many types of grills on the market today and there are a variety of models. As a good quality product, it is difficult to know which model might be better. As your good quality product, we will explain to you some differences between Pit Boss 700fb vs Classic Pit Boss so that you can verify the product properly.

You need to know about the Pit Boss 700fb review and Pit Boss 700 Classic Grill: Highlights, Match, and Variety. Therefore, read the following sections to know which grill will be suitable for you.

A Comparison Between Pit Boss 700fb vs Classic

A simple comparison chart can be shown here for ease of understanding. So that you can pick and choose some of the exact information on the grill.

Image Pit Boss 700fb Classic Pit Boss
Cooking Space700 sq. Inch700 sq. Inch
BTU Volume40,00020,700
Temp Range180-500 F180-500 F
Hopper Capacity21 lbs21 lbs
Meat Probes02
Control TypeV1 Control BoardH1 Control Center
FuelWood, natural gasNatural gas, wood
Flame BroilerYesYes

Note: The controllers will be a little different according to the model of the grill! You need to read the description carefully before using it. Before you buy a grill, you should know what you will get!

 Pit Boss 700fb vs Pit Boss 700 Classic review – What’s the difference?

As far as the Pit Boss 700fb and Pit Boss 700 Classic are concerned, the shape and structural features of these grills are almost identical. Here I will present the detailed and accurate information of grilling regarding your grill selection as per the discussion.


The 700fb Pit Boss has cooking space across 700 square inches and weighs about 118 pounds. This space can serve up to 6 people, enough for you at any barbecue. According to the Pit Boss website, this grill is capable of holding 32 burgers. That’s enough for any large family.

On another side, The Pit Boss Classic reviews: has 700 square inches of cooking space, and is divided into two separate grilling racks. Structurally it is similar to pit boss 700fb, it can cook the same amount of food in both grills.

Control Board

First, here are three main important differences on Pit Boss 700fb vs classic grills. The most special difference can be seen in the control panel. Pit boss 700fb uses the V1 digital control board, and the Pit Boss 700 Classic with the V1 control board.

The Pit Boss Classic Pellets has quite a strong control center. The Pit Boss Classic has its own two meat probe controllers, which is great. Unfortunately would seem to lack 700fb, but like to continue. On the other hand, it will have a “prime button” on the control panel for very quick heat recovery. And for those who will cook there is a knob to apply at a convenient temperature which will be very useful.

The 700fb control board is relatively simple. However, it does not have any meat probe, and it has a common knob for temperature change. Pit Boss 700fb vs classic temperatures can range from 180 F to 500 F.

BTU Value

Second, the main difference between the Pit Boss 700fb vs classic is the BTU value. The thing that catches your eye when you differentiate between them is – 20,700 BTU for 700 classic Pit Boss vs. 40,000 BTU for Pit Boss 700fb. Which creates a lot of gap between the two.

Do you think Pit Boss 700fb is really good? That being said, you have to focus on the quality of the pit. The reason is that having an extra BTU rating often means that the grill will be less efficient.

The question may be that the construction process of these two grills is quite similar but why is there such a huge difference in the BTU of these two grills? The thing is, these two grills work at exactly the same temperature. No matter the difference in BTU quality, it is possible to cook between 180 to 500 degrees with two grills.

A grill with a higher BTU rating does not mean that the grill is too strong. Both of them have to burn a lot of fuel for the same level of results. Therefore, a complete decision cannot be made based on this.

Wheels And Colors

While there are some differences in color and design, they don’t matter, but there are differences between the grills. The color Pit Boss 700fb is black finish and Pit Boss Classic Pellets bronze finish.

There may be more differences in some cases, but they are not so important. The pit 700fb is usually black and the classic pit boss is bronze. Both wheels of the grill are slightly different. Pit Boss 700fb wheels are made of steel, look a bit different but a little harder to roll. On other hand, Pit Boss 700 Classic wheels look like robust plastic, but the wheels can be moved easily. Everything depends on your choice, which one you will feel comfortable using.

Pit Boss 700fb – Features, pros, cons


  • Its burning method is digitally cost control
  • LED Thermostatic control
  • Direct and indirect flame broilers for thermal regions
  • Dome thermometer for temperature testing
  • Temperature range 180° F -500° F
  • 700 square inch porcelain-coated cast iron cooking surface
  • Versatile grill with 8 in 1
Pit Boss 700fb
  • Can be easily cleaned
  • Made of strong gauge steel
  • Able to retain temperature
  • Adds a smoky odor to food
  • Meat probe absent
  • Moving this heavy grill with two wheels is not easy

Pit Boss Classic Reviews – Features, Pros, Cons


  • There is a 700 square inch cooking space with a second-tier rack
  • Direct flame cooking
  • Hopper capacity level 21 lb
  • 2 Meat probe with LED
  • Digital control board for temperature
Classic Pit Boss
  • Heavy grill built
  • Easy temperature control
  • Best grill to make BBQ
  • A little trouble to clean
  • Without smokestack

Which one would you take – Pit 700fb vs classic?

We will not tell you specifically if you buy pit boss 700fb or classic. But yes, Pit boss is a product with a lot more quality features than the classic. With a good BTU rating, the Pit 700fb is much better, BTU doesn’t seem to be the most important thing when buying a new grill. The Pit classic controller is very advanced, with a meat probe leading to improved quality.

In terms of performance standards, both grills are almost identical. Their characteristics are almost identical in any way when you think about them from all angles.

Pit Boss 700fb – recommend

According to the above discussion, there is not much difference between Pit Boss 700fb vs Classic. The grills of these two are similar Includes temperature range, performance, building materials, hopper capacity, and cooking area.

Seen from all angles, the reason for choosing Pit Boss 700FB may be a high BTU, a digital controller and its proper design.

 Pit 700fb vs Classic – Is there an advantage?

Why go to a restaurant if you can cook and eat at home? You can easily cook at home like a restaurant by cooking food on a pit boss.

Pit boss 700fb will bring you many benefits to enjoy a barbecue with loved ones. No need to worry about temperature. It is very nice in the versatility of smoking, bake, braising, roasting, grilling, barbecue, chargrill and sier. Pit Boss will reduce your cooking hassle.

Both the Pit Boss 700fb and Classic machines are about the same size and have precise temperature control. Pizza can be cooked using its relatively high setting at the Pit 700fb, and pork can be cooked to a minimum. The Pit Classic has a functional quality of temperature control and is the most reliable when grilling.


  • Pit 700fb vs Classic which of these has more cooking space?

The Pit Boss 700fb and classic have the same amount of 700 square inches of cooking space, you can choose anyone depending on other features.

  • Does Pit Boss 700fb and Classic have Meat Probes?

There are no meat probes on the Pit Boss  700fb, otherwise, the classic has 2 meat probes.

  • Is there any difference in BTU between Pit Boss 700fb and Classic?

One of the differences between the two grills is the BTU value. There is a big distance between them – 20,700 BTU for classic Pit Boss vs. 40,000 BTU for Pit Boss 700fb.

Final Word

If asked which one to buy? Then you can buy Pit Boss 700 Classic, even though Pit Boss had a high BTU value of 700fb. Yet the classic grill is more acceptable due to a modern and advanced control of the meat probe.

In particular, if you’re interested in buying the Pit Boss 700fb or Pit classic, check out Amazon’s updated price. Pit 700fb vs classic! Which one to take depends solely on your convenience.

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