Best Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform Reviews 2022

Do you want to work out at home but try something new other than running on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike? However, this Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform Review could be just what you’re searching for.

Vibration machines allow you to work out swiftly and efficiently without leaving your house. The vibration strengthens your muscles without placing too much strain on your joints. These devices can be used by anybody, which is one of the reasons they are growing more popular. You can even use them while seated! It makes them ideal for people recovering from an injury or surgery who need to gradually restart physical activity. Consider the Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform Machine if you want to get one of the top vibration platforms to improve your athletic ability or rehab from an accident.

Perhaps you’ve never used vibration plates before. Don’t worry, since this Pinty Fitness model is perfect for novices. However, if you have previously utilized vibration plates at the gym, having portable equipment at home allows you to work out whenever you choose.

What Does the Pinty Fitness Vibration Machine Look Like?

Although you may argue that it is simply a machine that you will stand on, having one in your favorite color can provide a little more motivation. There are four hues to choose from black, red, gold, and white. It is a very slim and elegant design that will blend in with any surroundings and style thanks to its streamlined look.

This vibration plate is 15.3 cm wide, 26.8 cm long, and 5.5 cm high. Because of its size and wheels, it is simple to take out when you need it and just as simple to put away until you need it again. The Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform machine is unique because of its elegant and ergonomic design.

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Comparison Table of Pinty 200w vs 2000w

Product Identifiers

Pinty 200w Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine

Pinty 2000w Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine


Maximum Weight Capacity

265 Pounds

330 lbs


110 V

110 V





Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Metal and ABS plastic

Product Weight

35 lbs

77 lbs

Frequency Range



Speed Range

99 Levels

1-180 Levels


0~10 mm


Key Feature of Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform Reviews


The Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform Machine is exceptionally light and portable. Because it is only 5.5 inches thick, it is simple to transport and store in any space. To enhance stability, it includes non-skid feet on the bottom. However, it has wheels, so you can just push it into a different location without lifting it. Despite its small size, the machine can support up to 265 pounds. It also has an ABS shell, contributing to its longevity and stability for such a little machine.

Full Body Workout:

The Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform Machine has two resistance bands for a full-body exercise. You may utilize the bands to strengthen your shoulders, arms, and chest by using them for upper-body activity. Because the device lacks grips and a stand, you may lie or sit on it to receive great core and lower body exercise. Because there are no handles, this machine is also excellent for practicing balance. Start with the given bands and work your way up until you can stand and squat on the device without assistance.

According to reports, 10 minutes of vibrating on this machine is equivalent to an hour of running. The beautiful thing about the Pinty Fitness machine is that you don’t have to just stand on it; you can attempt different postures to workout the entire body, such as groveling stance, lower leg posture, squat posture, and many more.

Best Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform

Quiet and Powerful:

If you’re concerned about the machine being too noisy, Pinty assures you that it is hushed. While working out, you may watch TV or even put a baby to sleep. The motor is powerful enough to deliver 99 levels of vibration, allowing you to select a comfortable level for you to use quickly. You may also change the pace of the beats from 1 to 99 via the control panel. The remote control allows you to change the speed and other parameters without bending down and selecting directly on the screen.

The Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform display indicates the machine’s speed, time on the device, and the amount of fat burned throughout the session.

Passive Exercise: 

If you are wounded or recuperating from an illness, you can use the machine for passive exercise. While you won’t receive the full weight-loss advantages of a complete workout, you will be able to reduce discomfort, promote circulation, and drop some weight. It is an excellent method to get back into an active lifestyle or for individuals who cannot be involved and want assistance sleeping or lowering edema.

Pros and Cons

  • The use of wheels allows for easy mobility.
  • It has a remote control for easy handling.
  • It comes with two removable resistance bands for working out the upper and lower body.
  • Elegant and functional design.
  • It may be ruined if you stomp on the machine.
  • The initial chemical odor is unpleasant.

What is the user experience of the Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform?

Using this fitness vibration platform has several advantages. Some users have begun using it for five minutes twice a day and have already noticed significant improvements in strength and stamina. You will feel energized after utilizing the Pinty exercise machine since all of your muscles have been suitably engaged.

Anybody can also use it at any time, so you may use it at home for a short exercise before going to work or even take it with you on vacation.

There’s nothing like a bit of vibration treatment after a long flight! People can use the Pinty exercise machine to lose weight, shape their bodies, and boost their stamina.

Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform

If you include this product in your training program, you will rapidly notice a change in the energy and condition of your muscles. Some users report that their clothing fits better and feel more energy throughout the day after only a few weeks of utilizing this exercise vibration plate daily.

Frequently Asked Questions: Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform Reviews

What makes Pinty different from other fitness vibration platforms?

A vibration plate for seniors has several advantages, including weight loss, muscular strengthening, and more. The Pinty stands out because it has eight distinct vibration frequencies, although some other brands only have five or six. As a result, Pinty’s fitness advantages are more diverse.

Is it simple to set up the Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform?

With all of the equipment included in the shipping, assembling this workout vibration platform takes approximately 15 minutes or less. To secure the platform to the base, tighten all the nuts using the tool that comes with the box.

Is the Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform safe to use?

It’s formulated with powerful components to help you maintain your balance, tone your muscles, and lose weight on both sides of the pint to keep it steady and safe.

Final word

Finally, we can state that the Pinty Fitness Vibration Platform Machine is an excellent portable model for people looking to utilize a vibration machine at home. It is the thinnest model we’ve seen, so storage and transportation should be a breeze. The unit still has a large weight capacity and interchangeable resistance bands for an even more intense workout. The resistance bands are simply removed and stored. The quiet motor is an added advantage of it. It is ideal for anyone with a newborn or who lives in a limited space. Nobody will be bothered if you work out or work on your body’s rehabilitation.

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