Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review -How admirable it is?

Oklahoma Joe’s longhorn combo grill and smoker is a versatile grill that allows you to do all the above in one machine like grilling on gas, grilling on charcoal, and smoking.

Consequently, it allows you to cook with a variety of fuels, as well. One of the most impressive features of this combo is its dual gas and charcoal grilling chambers, gas side burners, and offset firebox, Which we discussed in detail in the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review

Additionally, the offset firebox is there to be used for your smoker and an electric ignition system is also included to help get the grill started quickly. Using this machine, your barbecue will be just the way you like it without any hassles.

Read on to learn more about this Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review. This review can help to clear out all of the confusion about the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo gas grill and smokers.

Noticeable Features of Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo

Besides, its stainless steel build quality and versatility of cooking surface give an amazing experience for grills lovers. This best gas grill smoker combo comes with many other attractive features. 

Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review
  • Dedicated high-capacity smoking and charcoal grilling chambers as well as gas grilling chambers.
  • The smoke and heat can be controlled by several dampers.
  • This gas grill chamber consists of three burners with individual 12,000 BTU outputs
  • There is one 12,000 BTU side burner that can be used to cook a frying pan or boil a pot of barbecue sauce.
  • The primary cooking space is 750 square inches, and the secondary cooking space is 310 square inches.
  • Stainless steel cooking grates with porcelain coating resist rust.
  • Cool-touch handles provide comfort in hot temperatures
  • The professional thermostat allows you to monitor the internal cooking temperature accurately.
  • Air damper on the firebox door provides added convenience and easy cleaning.
  • Cooking utensils or extra fuel can be stored on the metal shelf at the bottom
  • The wagon-style wheels make it easy to move.

Comparison between Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo and Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker 

SpecificationsOklahoma Joe Longhorn ComboOklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker
ImageOklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo ReviewOklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review
Product Dimensions (LxWxH)31.5 x 74 x 50.6 inches33.5 x 57 x 53 inches
Product typecomboreverse flow offset charcoal smoker
Fuel typeCharcoal, Liquefied Petroleum GasCharcoal
Primary Cooking Area750 square inches619 square inches
Secondary Cooking Area310 square inches281 square inches
Grates6, porcelain-coated cast iron5, porcelain-coated wire
Items weight204.6 pounds180.8 pounds
Additional features48000 BTUs total, bottom metal shelf, separate charcoal, and gas cooking chambers, multiple damper adjustments4-baffle system, heating area, cool-touch handles, large wheels, bottom shelf, large charcoal container, professional temperature gauge
Burner materialStainless steelStainless steel

What Users Are Saying About Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review 

The Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Reviews indicate that most customers are pleased with these multiple grills. Customers are delighted with their multitasking capabilities. Family BBQs are most enjoyable when you can grill and smoke at the same time. Longhorn is well-made, and it has proven its durability time after time as it has grilled or smoked so many different products.

The Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Grill and Smoker combine heavy-duty materials for an impressive product. So many other customers have also stated that the grill is still in very good condition after using it weekly for several years. 

Its steels and cast iron components provide long-lasting durability, which means they can handle constant oil sprays, grease, and many more. The wheels allow it to be easily transported around the garden or patio, this makes it very convenient for the buyer to set up wherever they want. However, you should keep in mind the weight of the appliance over 200 pounds.

This Oklahoma Joe’s longhorn black triple-function combo grill is the perfect combination for us. There is nothing we would change about it. Grillers and smokers who are on the fence about whether to purchase a grill or a smoker can now select both.

The smoky mouthfeel of the smoker or the hot temperature of the grill enhances the flavor of every bite. As Grill and Smokers are marketed as food producers, this is, of course, one of the most important factors for us. If you are a casual barbecuer or are just beginning to explore smoking and grilling, Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo gas grill and smokers is an excellent option for you.

Key Feature Of Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo grill and smoker 

Versatile Cooking Chambers and Multiple Dampers

The Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo features separate charcoal and gas cooking chambers. This multi-purpose grill can be used for both charcoal and gas grilling. In addition, it has a side burner equipped with gas. The system releases a great deal of smoke, and it contains multiple adjustable dampers that allow the heat and smoke to be regulated. A charcoal grill is especially evident when the firebox is exposed. It is possible to enjoy smoky flavors with the smoker if you are tired of grilling on a gas grill. You don’t have to buy a new smoker to take advantage of this.

High BTU rating

This gas grill chamber features three burners that produce 12,000 BTU each. The 12,000 BTU side burner can be used for frying or to keep pots warm.

Displays of temperature mounted on lids

The lid-mounted temperature gauges provide continuous monitoring of the inside temperatures of both the smoker and the gill chambers.

An expanded cooking area

There are approximately 750 square inches dedicated to the primary cooking area and about 310 square inches for the secondary cooking area.

Durable construction

The Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo comes with a porcelain coating that brings rust resistance and ease of cleaning to these six cast-iron cooking grates. If you’re planning to use it regularly, however, you’ll need to reseason the grill.

For easy mobility, wheels are available

The grill is easy to move due to its wagon-style design and large wheels. Despite this, the unit can be difficult to move from one place to another, because it weighs more than 200 pounds.

Other key features

Cooking with this machine is made safer since the handles of the machine remain cool when the heat is intense. There are 50.6 inches of height, 31.5 inches of depth, and 74 inches of width. Having two thermometers in both chambers allows you to keep track of the cooking progress, and the knobs assist you in controlling the gas.

There is an air damper in the firebox door of this grill, which will make cleaning easier. Moreover, the bottom of the pot is equipped with a metal shelf for you to store utensils and extra wood or charcoal.

[Note: For your Longhorn Combo Grill to last longer, make sure that you clean it thoroughly, and also cover it when not in use. The Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Review cleared that this is one of the best grill combos at this reasonable price point.]

  • There are several options available
  • Grilling area with plenty of space
  • There are no harmful effects associated with indirect grilling
  • Easy to handle
  • The results of grilling were exceptionally tasty
  • Comes with reasonable pricing
  • The temperature is distributed evenly
  • Solid construction
  • The process takes a considerable amount of time
  • a little bit heavy

FAQ About Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review

Q: Do both the propane and charcoal chambers allow you to cook and smoke at the same time?

A: Obviously, it’s possible to cook on the side box, as it has grill plates, but there is no way to seal the box to keep the smoke and heat out of the charcoal side.

Q: What do people say about The Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Review? Is it convenient?

A: Yes. The Oklahoma Joe combo grill is a fantastic, convenient grill that is intelligently designed to suit the needs of users.

Q: How worthy is it?

A: Due to the large variety of choices, such as a smoker, gas grill, and charcoal grill, the performance of this combo grill is quite impressive. Also, its price is much affordable compared to others.

Q: What is the manufacturer of Oklahoma Joe grills?

A: Char-Broil manufactured Oklahoma Joe grills.

 Final Verdict

Finally, the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Review concluded that this grill and smoker is an ideal choice for someone who enjoys a casual barbecue now and then. Due to its environmentally friendly and durable materials, it is convenient for small households that cook regularly. 

In addition, one thing you can count on is that you will always get delicious smoked and grilled food that is sure to impress family and friends at family barbecues. This Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn combo is a perfect option for anyone who is debating between a smoker and a grill. Combining the advantages of each, the Longhorn Combo is one you won’t want to miss.

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