Ninja Foodi OP401 Review – What users like about it most

If you require a multifunctional pressure cooker that can do more than just boil and pressure cook, then it is highly recommended that you consider the Ninja OP401 Foodi. Many Ninja Foodi OP401 reviews can be found on the internet, which may cause you to become tempted. That’s the reason we are here to clear about this in The Ninja pressure cooker air fryer review. In comparison to the traditional pressure cooker, this Ninja Foodi Multi cooker offers a great deal with more versatility.

A versatile multi-cooker with nine cooking modes, Ninja Foodi All-in-One Multi-Cooker is a great choice for modern kitchens. Its crisping lid permits air frying, grilling, roasting, baking, and broiling, which means you can quickly cook the meat then air fry or bake it for a crispy finish. Ninja Foodi Multi cookers are the only ones that can convert frozen food into crispy meals. In this Ninja Foodi OP401 review, we explain why this was one of our top choices.

The noticeable feature of Ninja Foodi OP401 Review

  • Ninja OP401 Foodi takes over the functions of four different appliances by integrating an air fryer, pressure cooker, dehydrator, and broiler into one product.
  • The TenderCrisp technology quickly cooks food while keeping the outside crispy and the inside juicy.
  • Food is cooked 70 times faster with the Ninja OP401 Foodi than it is with traditional cookers.
  • This Ninja OP401 Foodi included an extra-large cooking basket that is non-stick, ceramic coated, and PTFE/PFOA free.
  • This extra-large 5-quart cook and crisp basket hold up to a 7-pound turkey. It can also hold enough chicken for your entire family to enjoy.
  • Ninja Foodi Multi cookers provide a cookbook with more than 45 recipe ideas.

Why is Ninja Foodi OP401 the most reliable machine?

Ninja Foodi OP401 Review

Is it really necessary to spend a long time preparing meals? Most people do not believe so. In addition to cooking a fancy meal for special occasions and parties, you may need an easy and simple method to prepare food for yourself or your family most days. Many consumers have turned to slow cookers for this purpose. Despite this Ninja Foodi multi cooker,  slow cookers still require some effort, and, as the name indicates, they take a long time to cook. It’s not a good solution if you have to cook your food fast. Here are the Ninja Foodi air fry oven reviews that claim that it is an efficient and convenient time-saving device.

With this OP401 Foodi, you can pretty much do everything you need. You can cook your food quickly in a pressure cooker without it drying out or having a rubbery texture. By using the Tender Crisp Lid on this product, you can cook food quickly, which means no longer waiting around. Its cooking facilities can be able to produce a superior experience. This cooker has a nonstick ceramic pot that allows you to clean it without a struggle or extreme effort. The pot has the capability of both pressure cooking and air frying.

I believe that the Ninja Foodi 8-Quart All-in-One Pressure Cooker Air Fryer offers the best value for money. Unlike traditional frying methods, using an air fryer not only allows you to prepare food faster but also to cook it more healthily. There is plenty of space to cook all your favorite meals, and the design is simple and easy to understand. This is an excellent kitchen appliance despite its cost, even for casual home cooks. So it is highly recommended to purchase the 8-Quart Ninja Foodi. You will know in details everything by observing this  Ninja Foodi OP401 Review.

Comparison between Ninja OP401 Foodi and Ninja DZ201 Foodi

Image Ninja Foodi OP401 ReviewNinja Foodi OP401 Review 
Product dimensions14.3 x 16.8 x 13.1 inches15.6  x 13.8 x 12.4 inches
Item Weight26 pounds23.7 pounds
Built Material Plastic, Metal, RubberStainless steel
Cooking FunctionsPressure, Steam, Slow Cook, Sear/Saute, Air Crisp, Bake/ Roast, Broil, and DehydrateAir Fry, Air Broil, Roast, Bake, Reheat, and Dehydrate
Modern TechnologyTendercrisp TechnologyDualZone Technology
Capacity8 Quarts8 Quarts
ManufacturersShark NinjaShark Ninja
Nonstick ceramic coatingYesYes
Wattage1700 Watt1690 Watt
Dishwasher safe partsNoYes
ColorBlack/GreyDark Grey
Recipe Book45+ recipes15 Chef-Inspired Recipes

Ninja Foodi OP401 Review-What Key Features Included With It

Tender Crisp Cooking Technology

The Ninja OP401 Foodi is equipped with innovative TenderCrisp cooking technology for an authentic cooking experience. Cooking with the hot airflow of ovens and pressure cooking are made easier by this feature.

The TenderCrisp process seals in juices in cooked meals, then crisps them to create crisped meals. This amazing cooking technology makes all your food crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Design and Build Quality

Built with an exterior covered in a beautiful black theme, this model features durable stainless steel construction. An elegant display window reinforces the build, showing the user everything going on with the pot, how much time remains on the timer, and any other applicable signals and information. Moreover, the display panel is also enhanced by blue lights to give the unit a more sophisticated appearance. The inner pot of this pressure cooker is built with a ceramic material that is nonstick coated.

Additionally, you will find a yogurt button on the control panel. Then you put everything into the pot, press this button, wait for a few minutes, and you have fresh yogurt. It is very easy to operate the controls and they are very intuitive. Moreover, it is also dishwasher-safe. Its removable inside pot makes it easy for cleaning.


The multi-cooker Ninja OP401 Foodi is controlled by a touch panel with LED lights on the body. The cooker panel, home temperature setting, and timer can be selected by slightly touching them. In addition, the timer is set according to seconds rather than the minute increment in the majority of instant pots. Increasing or reducing the time setting on the timer can be done by lightly pressing the timer.

With the enhanced user interface, you can easily set the time and temperature because of the larger center dial. People are usually asking how to use Ninja Foodi air fryer? There is a user manual included with the multi-cooker, so users will have a better idea about how to operate this Ninja Foodi Multi cooker.

Exceptional cooking capacity

There is an extra-large 8-quart cooking pot included in the Ninja Foodi OP401 pressure cooker air fryer. Using the cooking pot is the best option for anyone preparing meals for their whole family. A whole chicken weighing more than 7 pounds can fit inside the pot easily.

In addition, the 5-quart nonstick kitchen basket can hold up to 4 pounds of french fries for a meal on the run. Combined with the pressure release valve, the pressure lid ensures crispy, even cooking of food.

Cooking function and facilities

This OP401 Ninja Foodi is the ideal device for anyone who enjoys cooking but doesn’t want to sacrifice the best flavor and taste. It has nine different ways to cook a meal, such as broiling, air frying, slow cooking, baking, sear, steam, roast, and so on.

Ninja Foodi 8 qt reviews say it’s not only a pressure cooker that features an instant meal function, it is also a deep fryer that uses 75% less fat than conventional methods. When you enjoy delicious, carefully crafted, and healthy foods that you can enjoy without worry or reservation, there’s nothing better. A food dryer is also included in the device, which allows you to make healthy chips, jerkies, and dried fruit snacks from scratch.


The device quickly and efficiently heats up, saving energy with its 1700 watts. It takes under 4 minutes to boil 100ml of water with this powerful unit for people who may not understand the terms. There are four temperatures you can choose from, so you can easily pick the ideal temperature for your recipe. You can choose to cook at 100W to 1700W.

Features of safety

There are a number of safety features on this device, including child locks, timers, etc., to ensure the safety of its users and prevent incidents from occurring. This nonstick coating has been demonstrated to be free of PFOA to prevent contaminants from entering food when cooking.

FAQ about Ninja Pressure Cooker Air Fryer Review

Q: Does the Ninja OP401 Foodi represent good value for money?

A: Yes. Ninja Foodi is a multifunctional device that can replace multiple other devices you would have to buy that might cost the same.

Q: Are there pressure cookers/Air Fryers both available?

A: Yes. There is a pressure cooker in this machine first and then there is an air fryer to crisp up the food later.

Q: How to use Ninja Foodi Air Fryer pressure cooker?

A: The Ninja Air Fryer pressure cooker has a digital display that makes it very easy to operate. You can adjust the temperature, time, timer, and other settings by simply pressing a button.

Final Word

The Ninja brand is renowned for its kitchen appliances. And their products are much premium and highly popular. In this Ninja Foodi OP401 Review, we have tried to cover everything there is to know about this OP401 Foodi pressure cooker. There are many handy features about the Ninja Foodi multi cooker air fryer, such as its 8-quart capacity, versatile cooking experience, and so on.

Moreover, it uses some of the best technology to produce better and faster food. Also, its prices are affordable. If you are looking for a pressure cooker or slow cooker that does it all, you should try the Ninja Foodi. In this regard, there is no reason for me to decline this offer. Therefore, I strongly recommend it.

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