Ninja FD401 Vs OP401 – which is worth the best?

Ninja pressure cooker is very well known to consumers as the best product of the good and highest quality brand. The quality of Ninja products is so good that it can be difficult to choose the right cooker to suit your needs.

Today we will discuss the features of Ninja FD401 Vs OP401 review (pressure cookers): which will help you in your daily cooking and also help you to pick quality products.

For ease of understanding, I will list differences and similarities between Ninja OP401 vs FD401 and show their features separately. If you are interested in buying any of these pressure cookers, keep reading the Ninja Foodi OP401 vs FD401 full comparison review till the end.

First Impression: Ninja fd401 review

Ninja FD401 Vs OP401
  • The most successful commercially available Ninja pressure cooker of various models is the foodi fd401.
  • It has multiple options for use in versatile tasks such as slow cooker, oven, roaster, dehydrator, steamer and fryer.
  • The dimensions of fd401 is 16.1 L x 14.57 W x 14.2 H inches. The tender-crisp technology creates an extraordinary addition in cooking. The ninja added a retro rack to the time-saving cooking unit so that you can easily use it in case of an emergency.
  • The foodi fd401 has different categories of configurations. Considering its 8-quart according to the model, the foodi fd401 has the usual electrical function. You will see a skewer stand and an 8-quart dehydrator with it.
  • It has an incredible feature, which takes less than 20 minutes of defrosting as well as instant cooking. 

First Impression: Ninja op401 review

Ninja FD401 Vs OP401
  • The op401 model uses tender-crisp technology. It uses a crisping lid separately to make the food crispy. For the convenience of more family members, it uses the perfect cooking utensils.
  • It has an 8 quart pot made with pressure, crisping lids and ceramic coated.
  • Here you will find these products with stainless steel racks, crisp basket, ceramic coated cook and a recipe book!
  • The op401 product is available in the current market according to different configurations and colors. Two notable models are one with a dehydrator and one with a skewer stand.

Why should you consider a Ninja foodi air fryer?

The reason is that, as always, Ninja foodi has put its standards ahead of other ordinary pressure cookers with high enough and sharp intelligence. The design of the model and its other features are really nice in one word.

According to online consumers who have been using pressure cookers for a long time according to different types of models on the market, Ninja foodi is the best in terms of the exact qualities, shape, features and other benefits of a pressure cooker.

In my opinion, Ninja foodi cooks faster than other pressure cookers due to the extraordinary features of the pressure cooker and its high technology. This will help you to cook in less time. It works really well to make the food good and maintain the quality of the food.

 A Quick Comparison Of the Ninja FD401 Vs OP401

Image Ninja FD401 Vs OP401 Ninja FD401 Vs OP401
Dimensions (LxWxH)16.1 x 14.57 x 14.2 inches14.3 x 16.8 x 13.1 inches
ColourBlack / Stainless steelBlack / Gray
Weight26.04 Pounds26 Pounds
Aspect Capacity8 quarts8 quarts
MaterialsPlasticPlastic / Metal / Rubber
Cleaning processDishwasherDishwasher
Wattage1760 watts1700 watts
TechnologyTender crisp technologyTender crisp technology
Yogurt functionYesNo
Easy to useYesYes
Easy to cleanYesYes
Function item9-in-1All-in-1

In Depth Review – Ninja FD401 vs OP401

Ninja is the most familiar face among all the models of advanced pressure cookers nowadays. Made with sophisticated features like multi pressure level, keep warm feature, timer, digital display and more great features, this pressure cooker is really awesome.

Air fryer mode

The special features of this product are different from the others, that is it acts as an air fryer. It’s not just as a pressure cooker for your food to cook faster, it also gives your food a crispy texture. 

Size and shape

One thing you need to keep in mind before using a pressure cooker is its aspect capacity. The different sizes of ninja foodi cookers may make you perplexed to choose the best one between Ninja OS405 vs FD401.

Ninja FD401 Foodi and op401 are available in different sizes in the market, the largest of which is the 8-quart size. The Ninja Foodi FD401 8-quart variant will come in handy for a large family or for entertaining regular guests.

On the other hand, there are also two other sizes available in the market, 5 quart and 6.5 quart.

Unique features

Compared to a good quality pressure cooker, Ninja foodi is capable of doing a lot more tasks than being bigger. Ninja FD 401 is in demand as the most popular pressure cooker on the market due to its unique quality of food and accurate presentation.

Easy display

The front of the cooker is present with an amazing display for ease of understanding so you can easily choose more options. It will have a nice touch panel, so you can easily set other settings of the cooker through the display at any time. As well as being able to apply in cooking from low to high or from high to low temperatures. 

With the display settings you can choose the method of cooking as you like, such as: slow cooking, pressure cooking, steaming, broiling, air crisp, dehydrating etc.

Vents and drip cups

There will be a few vents and drip cups on the back of the foodi. The drip cup allows you to take it out for an easy cleaning process.


The Ninja foodi pressure cooker differs from others in its 2-lid functions. It’s equipped with a built-in fan, in order to cook crisp food without deep-frying.

Noticeable difference between Ninja FD401 vs OP401?

You will see the names of these two products in the list of the most popular models. Each of them has a supreme addition to the functions. These products are more suitable and best for its furnishing.

After the first op401 came on the market, Ninja brought the fd401 to the market as a new version while maintaining the quality based on it. Ninja Foodi OS401 is almost an identical item like the Ninja OP401.

But the Ninja OS401is not that great compared to other cookers of the same series, the Ninja OS405. The pressure cooker will have an air crisper basket made of metal. It is mainly used when you cook french fries or similar things.

Different menu navigation option of fd401 is the main difference between these two products. The fd401 has a button knob combo, so you can easily navigate and select different modes in a moment.

If you don’t review the price difference, these Ninja products will have a lot in common in terms of all the features. If you use it as a pressure cooker, you will need to use a pressure lid and free air-crisp in an open position. Easy to remove and secure the lid with big handles attached to it. 

How do Ninja FD401 Vs OP401 pressures work?

Suppose, if 6 pound chicken is cooked in a foodi pressure cooker, what will be the result? It will only take 30 minutes to give you complete good quality food. It may seem incredible, that it can cook 20 lb meat quickly in 20 minutes. Which is really awesome.

The pressure cooker display has a cursor that rotates. It can be measured as a temperature gauge and set up to a certain level.

There are many cooking lovers who want to keep clean after cooking. One of the reasons why consumers like ninja foodi fd401 and op401 pressure cookers the most is that they can be cleaned quickly and easily. The features of this special pressure cooker from ninja company will make you very attractive.

After cooking, put the inner cooking pot in the dishwasher. The function of this pressure cooker is to prevent the food from spreading to the lid.

Pros and Cons – Ninja FD401 Vs OP401



  • It can cook faster than the traditional cooking process
  • It is simple and easy to use
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Control panel (Digital)
  • Additional recipe books with cookers
  • Yogurt function present
  • Tender-crisp technology available
  • PTFE PFOA free
  • 45 Recipe book


  • 8-qt foodi multi cooker
  • Sturdy & excellent model
  • LED Display panel
  • Large cooking capacity
  • Tender crisp technology with crisping lid
  • 70% faster than traditional cooking methods
  • 8-qt ceramic coated pot
  • Easy to use and clean
  • PTFE/PFOA free


  • Completely heavy
  • Air-fryer lid is not removable


  • Large & quite heavy
  • Yogurt function unavailable

 Frequently Asked Questions about Ninja FD401 Vs OP401

Q: Do ninja fd401 and op401 both have Yogurt function?

Ans: Ninja foodi fd401 has Yogurt function but op401 does not.

Q: Can aluminum foil be kept in the air fryer?

Ans: Yes, you can put aluminum foil in an air fryer – but it’s not always a good option.

Q: What could be the problem with the air fryer?

Ans: Air fryers are difficult to clean, more expensive than deep fryers, loud and noisy.

Final Verdict

In the opinion of most pressure cooker users, Ninja FD401 Vs OP401 pressure cooker is the best in terms of features and quality than other common pressure cookers on the market.

Ninja fd401 uses a knob/button combination for the menu that makes fd401 unique from op401. Having a knob makes it simple, easy to use and hassle free to navigate.

You may ask, is it worth buying a Ninja Foodi FD401? If you want to cook 70% faster than other cookers and cook multiple dishes in a large cooker, then Ninja OP401 is worth your investment. Check the comparison between Ninja Foodi OP305 vs OP401, if you want to comprehend more about the OP series.

Finally, in the case of large families, it is better to choose Ninja Foodi FD401 for you between these Ninja FD401 vs Instant pot OP401 cookers if you want to cook with extra capacity or easy navigation system and user friendly.

bigger. Ninja FD 401 is in demand as the most popular pressure cooker on the market due to its unique quality of food and accurate presentation.

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