Louisiana grills vs traeger – Which One Would Be BEST ?

Are you looking for a pellet grill that is healthy for your family and where “set it and forget it” cooking is available? Today we will discuss two healthy pellet grills and where the term “set it and forget it” is used as a trademark. These are the Louisiana Grills LG700 and Traeger Pro Series 22. Louisiana grills vs Traeger are great wooden pellet grills that have never disappointed anyone.

Traeger Grill Vs Louisiana Both have digital control centers. You will be happy to know that it can smoke in two ways. They have a meat probe function to cook the meat thoroughly.

They have an easy setup and cooking with a strong wood flavor. These grills also have big hoppers, so you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel. Moreover, they are made of porcelain – iron cast grid, spreading heat throughout the grid and making it easy to clean. They are made of heavy-duty 14-gauge steel for their strength and durability.

If you want to create the best grill in the world in your backyard, Louisiana Grills Vs Traeger Pro Series 22, one or both of these are ideal for you. So if you are interested in it, it may be the best value for your money.

What’s New With The Louisiana LG700?

Although Louisiana grills vs traeger, they come with almost identical features. However, for some additional features, nearly all users have chosen the Louisiana LG700 Grills in the crowd of many competitors. This is due to the meat probe included and the ability to set its internal temperature from the built-in flame broiler properties. Everyone loved it for its beautiful features. In it, you get two types of smoking arrangements. It allows you to cook something exceptional, such as turkey, ribs, butt, ham, pizza, wings, charcoal steak, and whole chicken. For all its remarkable features, it has become one of the most popular.

Louisiana grills vs traeger

At a glance of Louisiana Grills LG700 grill: 

  • Louisiana Grills LG700 grill has a delightful cooking surface of 600 sq. inches. 498 sq. inches is the primary cooking surface, and 210 sq inches is the removable upper rack.
  • It has a digital control center that lets you adjust the temperature in the 180 F to 600 F temperature range.
  •  It has a programmable meat probe for cooking “set it and forget it” so you can cook the meat yourself.
  • It has a flame grilling system for open-flame grilling, which allows you complete control while grilling.
  • The most exciting feature is that it has two types of smoking systems: hot smoking and cold smoking. Here hot smoking works best during your long cooking, as then you can cook big chicken or big fish. And away from the fire when cooking is the time of cold smoking. The food then stays so far away from the fire that it smokes without cooking.
  • It starts automatically and has heavy-duty 14-gauge steel for strength and durability.
  • The Louisiana LG700 Grills also include flame broilers for direct and indirect flame cooking. It also has a 2-stage proprietary drainage system for cooking.
  • In this feature, you get a convection function with 2 times louder wind. So that you can finish cooking very quickly and reach the dining table.


This pellet grill has all the features. If you want to cook the best BBQ in your backyard and make it memorable, this is ideal for you. Also if you are looking for a grill considering your budget then you can choose any of the best propane grill under 1000.

 Comparison Chart – Louisiana Grills LG700 vs Traeger Pro Series 22

SpecificationsLouisiana LG700Traeger Pro 22
ImageLouisiana grills vs traegerLouisiana grills vs traeger


L x W x H

23 x 29.8 x 26 inches41 x 22 x 24 inches
Weight143 pounds110 pounds
MaterialAlloy SteelPorcelain Coated Steel
Performance48000 BTU20000 BTU
Cooking Surface700 sq. inches


( With upper rack)

572 sq. inches


( With upper rack) 

Primary Cooking Surface497 sq. inches418 sq. inches
Upper Rack210 sq. inches154 sq. inches
Hooper Capacity14lbs18lbs
Hooper CleanoutYesYes
Temperature Range170 F to 600 F


( 5 degree increments)

180 F to 450 F


( 25 degree increments)

Meat ProbeProgrammable Meat ProbeDual Meat Temperature Probe
Greate TypeFull Stainless SteelPorcelain Coated
ControlsDigital ControllerDigital Pro Controller
Fuel TypeWood Pellets,  Electric FeederWood Pellets,  Electric Feeder

In-Depth Review Of  The Features Of  Louisiana grills vs traeger

Everyone who has used them has loved them without hesitation. The best grillers in the world like them because they are healthy and fan-supported. Users have enjoyed every moment spent with it for all its wonderful features. 

Design and Cooking Surface

Louisiana Grills LG700 Vs Traeger Pro Series 22 Both have their own basic design. The dimensions of the Louisiana LG700 Grills are 23 x 29.8 x 26 inches. It is made of alloy steel. For your large family, here are a 700 sq. inches Cooking place with an upper rack. Of which 498 sq. inches is the primary cooking space and 210 sq. inches is the upper rack.

On the other hand, the Traeger Pro Series 22 are 41 x 22 x 24 inches. It is made of porcelain-coated steel. It has 562 sq. Ft. For extra cooking. inches Cooking place with upper rack. Of which 416 sq. inches is the primary cooking area and 154 sq. inches is the upper rack. If you are looking for a lighter weight grill for outdoor parties then Weber q2000 vs q2200 comes with competitive features which can be an easy solution to your portability problem.

Easy to use

Louisiana grills vs Traeger both work in almost the same way. Both of these have digital control centers. Here you set your temperature in the digital control center then leave the rest of the responsibility on the grill. It cooks by burning wood, so ignite it with an electric starter. There is no need to add any additional fire. 

Digital control center and meet probe

Traeger grills Vs Louisiana both have digital control centers and meat probes. Which simultaneously works for temperature control. There are some differences in their meat probes. For example, the Louisiana LG700 Grill has a programmable meat probe, while the Traeger Pro Series 22 has a dual meat probe. With the help of which you can cook the meat thoroughly. They also have automatic ignition and call down. So that you can pay full attention to cooking. 


In the LG700 grill, you get 170 F to 600 F temperature with 5-degree increments. On the other hand, in Traeger Pro Series 22, you get 180 F to 450 F with 25-degree increments, Which we can find out in detail in Louisiana grill lg700 reviews and Traeger pro series 22 reviews.

If you want to get more efficient management of cooking temperature then you can observe Weber Genesis II E-310 Review which comes with IGrill 3 smart system feature.

Extra cooking space with Upper Rack

Louisiana grills vs Traeger Both have additional cooking space with an upper rack. Their proprietary burners allow you to reach higher temperatures. Louisiana Grills also has a convection system. Which helps you cook faster.

Hopper Capacity

Louisiana grills vs Traeger has a large pellet hopper with cleanout. In between these pellet hoppers, you can store wooden shells. Which is enough for both your short-term and long-term cooking. Louisiana LG700 grills hoppers have a capacity of 14lbs, and the Traeger Pro Series 22 hopper has 18lbs.

Or if you are interested in different brands of grills with nearby features then choose the useful one from Broil King Baron 420 Vs Weber Spirit II E 310.

Pros And Cons- Louisiana grills vs Traeger

Louisiana LG700Traeger Pro Series 22


  • It has a digital control center
  • It starts automatically and cools
  • It is a heavy-duty 14-gauge steel construction for high strength and durability.
  • It has a programmable meat probe set up at internal temperature for cooking meat only
  • There are also flame broilers for open-flame grilling
  • It also has an upper jerk with convection airflow


  • It has a digital control center
  • It also has a cleanout hopper and auger system
  • There are dual meat probes to cook the meat completely
  • Iron cast iron grid and drip bucket
  • It also has a chimney and a warming jar
  • Moreover, it is effortless to clean.
  • It has a simple cooking system.


  • You can’t grill without electricity, so you must cook near the outlet.



  • The only problem with this is that you can’t grill without electricity, so you must stay close to the outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Louisiana grills vs Traeger

Q: Can they cook the meat thoroughly?

A: Of course, because they have a meat probe function to cook the meat thoroughly. Here in Louisiana LG700, you will find a programmable meat probe, and in Traeger pro 22, you will find a dual meat probe. Which allows you to cook meat well. 

Q: Can the Louisiana smoker lg700 smoke correctly?

A: You’ll be happy to know that it can smoke in two ways. You can use cold smoke for cooking that is hot and away from fire during prolonged cooking. As a result, you can get a variety of woods in the food with an extraordinarily smoky taste.

Q: Traeger pro 22 Is it easy to clean?

A: Yes, there is a drip pan for easy cleaning for your convenience. Which can be cleaned very easily. 

Q: How can these be controlled? 

A: You don’t have to worry about controlling them any more. Because its cooking system is now digital control and automatic agar. 

Final Verdict

Louisiana grills vs traeger both grills take you to an elite club of adventurous grillers. They give you the ability to cook assorted dishes. If you are a food lover, and want to eat a variety of delicious food, I highly recommend you try these grills. You wouldn’t believe that they have different flavors of wood smoke. 

They let you cook with the help of modern technology. So if you want to add a touch of modernity to your life journey in this modern age, you can try Louisiana Grills LG700 or Traeger Pro Series 22.

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