Keurig 525 vs 575 – Which is the Best for You?

If you have a little interest in coffee machines, you are sure to confront the name “Keurig”. Keurig is one of the leading companies in the coffee maker industry. And, like any top-level company, it also has hundreds of machines. 

So many products and their similars sometimes confuse buyers, just like Kuerig k525 and k575. And, in this Keurig 525 vs 575, I will tell you which one to choose and why to choose a specific one. But, let’s not keep you in the dark, and tell you which one I prefer most. In my opinion the Keurig K525c is better. Here’s –

 Keurig 525 vs 575 – Why is the K525 More Famous?

  • The K525 comes with twelve pods, whereas the K575 has only seven inside the box. That may doesn’t matter much, but the k-cups come inside the box with different flavors. So, your options are broad with the Former. 
  • The K525 has two water filters, which is better compared to the single filter K575. You may know how much can water filtration affect your coffee taste. 
  • You get a reusable My-cup pod with Keurig 525c. Contrary, K575 doesn’t offer any. It doesn’t a major issue as you can buy one from Amazon at a cheap price. 
  • Maintaining is an important task, so the k525 comes with a needle maintenance accessory, whereas k575 doesn’t have any. 

So far, there are some impactful reasons to choose the K525c. But, don’t forget to look at its disadvantages. However, weighing the pros and cons of Keurig k575 vs k525c, I still think, the k525 is a better option, and you should prioritize it first. 

 Keurig 525 vs 575 –  Short Comparison

Imagekeurig 525keurig 575
Dimensions (HWD)13.2” H x 10.5” W x 13.3” D13.2” H x 10.5” W x 13.3” D
Color Options12
wATER Reservior SIZE80 oz80 oz
Specialty BeveragesNoNo
Strength ControlYesYes
Brew Sizes4-30 oz4-30 oz
Ground Compatibility YesYes
Carafe NoNo
Editor’s Rating4.34.2

Similarities And Differences Of  Keurig 525 vs 575

As being from the same manufacturers, and coeval products, the Keurig 525 vs 575 have several similarities. But, you can also find some differences that make one slightly better than the other. Now will see the difference between Keurig 525 and 575. 


No one can tell the differences between them just by looking. Both the machines ahs the exact dimensions, similar display, same water reservoir, even the position of the water reservoir is same. 

The size of the models is 13.2 inches in height, 10.5 inches in weight, and 13.3” depth. So, frankly, they are pretty large models and will require quite a bit of space on your countertop. Also, they are heavy, weighing around 12 pounds. 

Their hefty weight is also proof of them being made with good materials. The outer part has a stainless steel coating. And, the platinum color of the models is pretty attractive. But, here you can find a difference between them. The Keurig K525  has one color option, whereas you can have an extra color choice with the K575.

Without that, the internal components are all the same. They both machines run on Keurig 2.0 technology. 


Large, bright, and touch displays are getting more and more famous. Using this type of display feels like smartphones and people get comfortable pretty easily. Keurig using displays for a long time, starting with the legacy series. 

All the models of Keurig 2.0 have a screen; so that also includes the  K525c and K575.  The displays of both models are pretty large, 2.8 inches large and cull colored. Whenever you put a cup, you can see all the available brew sizes for the pod. And, with different pods, the options differ. 

The penal shows you all the selectable pod sizes, brewing amount, coffee strength, and temperature options. For night use, it has a night light. And, you can select a wallpaper for the night display. 

 You can just extract hot water from the option of the display. The Keurig 525 vs 575 shares similar functions. 


The time-related function of the Keurig k525 vs k575, makes them stand out. Because there are so many functions for that. 

First, there is a notifier on the display, which will tell you when the water in the filter is ready for brewing. From heating to filtering the water takes some time. You don’t need to stand in front of the machine; just do your work, when everything is ready, the machine itself will alert you. 

The programable clock of the machines only informs you about the time, you can also set a time for the machine to automatically turns on and brew a cup of coffee. It’s handy when you want a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Set the time at night, and wake up with the aroma of freshness. 

More interestingly, there are both analog and distal versions of a clock. I know, its doesn’t have any effect on coffee or convenience; but, may be a fun feature for many. 

Auto Turn On And Shut Off

Automatic start and shut-off features have become a common feature among coffee makers these days. But, Keurig first introduced these features with the 525c and 575, which later became a standard in the 2.0 and plus series. 

The automatic shut-off is the most used feature among them. Because busy people tend to forget to turn off coffee machines after making coffee. Thus, coffee machines stay on for hours idly. Thus, not only skyrocket utility bills, also can cause an accident. 

With the coffee makers, even if you forget to turn of the machine, it will turn off after some time. The program is on by default, and it will go to sleeping mood and save energy after two hours. You can add increase or decrease the time. 

Another interesting feature si the auto turn on, which allows you to get time ahead for the machine. So, it can turn on and brew. 


Whatever a coffee maker may offer, the most important feature is its how good and fast it can make a coffee. And, that is where the machine will delight you. 

Both are very fast when brewing coffee. You can get a cup of coffee in less than one minute (after the machine heat-up). And, the brews taste great. There are a lot of options for you to personalize the coffee as you want. With the k525c, you have 10 brew size options, whereas k575 offers 11 brew size options. 

The five brew strength adjustment options let you taste from light to bold coffee. And, the brews are pretty hot compared to other models. Lastly, with the large water reservoir and easy cleaning perks, the appliances are also convenient coffee makers. 


Up until now, there wasn’t any significant difference to talk about. But, the main difference between Keurig k525 and k575 shows up when you see what comes with the devices inside the box. 

The k525c is the peculiar unit that comes with an additional k-cups pack and also a My K-cup reusable pod. Inside the box is – the main body of k525, stainless steel drip tray, the water reservoir, cup holder, the filters, 12-pack K-cup ponds, and brewer needle maintenance tool. 

On the other hand, k575 only comes with the coffee machine, drip tray, water reservoir, cup holder, filter kits, and 6-pack k-cup pods.  Both machines have everything similar, but the Keurig k525 has some extra accessories. So, its common to choose it. 

Keurig 525 vs 575 – Which One To Choose?

Without a doubt, both machines are excellent performers. And, there aren’t many differences among them. So, if you still couldn’t select one, that is completely fine. Let me help you out. First, as you know Keurig k525 comes with some extra accessories. But, if not enough to firm your decision, K525 is also less expensive than the other model. 

But, the problem with k525 is, it isn’t always available. So, you first check if the model is currently in stock, if not, you can go with k575. 


I hope you have got the answer you are looking for. Keurig is a reliable brand for coffee machines. Most of their makers are single-serve like the Keurig 525 and 575. Without the Kuerig 2.0 series, there are recently many newer models with new features like Bluetooth connection. But, they also are more expensive. With that, let’s call an end to this Keurig 525 vs 575 reviews.

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