Instant Pot 10 in 1 Vs 7 in 1 Pressure Cooker- Which One is Better?

We’ve spoken about a number of Instant Pot gadgets on this site. However, the Instant clan is always releasing new devices, which we like testing and evaluating. Each of Instant Pot’s electric pressure cookers is designed to be trustworthy, convenient, and safe. Their newest model is the Instant Pot Pro vs Duo.

Instant Pot 10 In 1 Vs 7 In 1 Pressure Cooker

Many consumers are really delighted with the 7-in-1 Instant Pot Duo, but the 10-in-1 Pro has more capabilities and maybe for you if you want more.

In our Instant Pot 10 in 1 vs 7 in 1 comparison, we reviewed what these pressure cookers are designed for, as well as their equipment, smart programs, size, and any other differences.

What is a 7 in 1 Instant Pot Duo?

In our Instant Pot Duo review, we discovered that this is the most popular pressure cooker on the market. Despite the fact that it isn’t their most recent model, it has many of the greatest things you’re searching for. It swiftly warms up, has a lot of appliances, a lot of clever programs, and allows you to cook quickly for yourself or your group.

The Duo Instant Pot is an awesome device that people still appreciate, whether you want to create great meals quickly or enjoy the versatile capability of all the appliances.

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What is Instant Pot Pro?

In our Instant Pot Pro review, we discovered that this is one of the newest Instant Pot models. They were able to achieve 20 percent quicker pre-heating and 70 percent faster cooking overall by applying the most recent technologies. It also has handles for the inside cooking pot, an auto-sealing cover, improved steam release, as well as many other features.

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Comparison chart- instant pot 10 in 1 vs 7 in 1 (Instant pot Duo vs pro)

Product Identifiers

Instant Pot Duo

Instant Pot pro


Item Dimensions

13.38x 12.2x 12.48 inches

14.4 x 13.9 x 14.2 inches

Item Weight

11.8 Pounds

21.5 pounds

Control Method




Stainless Steel/Black






3qt ,6qt & 8qt

6qt & 8qt

Sous Vide



Difference between the Instant Pot pro and Duo

The Instant Pot Pro is built on the most recent advancements in electric pressure cooker technology. On the other hand, the Instant Pot Duo is the company’s classic model. Here’s a brief explanation of the differences between the new instant pot models and older variants.

1. Non-interchangeable inner liners

The Pro now has the new inner lining, which was initially seen on the Duo Evo Plus. The inner pot features a flat bottom that makes it easy to use over the burner. There are also easy-to-grasp handles.

The new inner liner also has heat-resistant handles that make it easy to detach from the base. The extra handles are a nice feature because picking up a heated inner liner from the rim might be challenging at times.

However, this new liner is not compatible with all versions, including the Duo. If you currently own other liners of the same size and want to buy a Pro, you’ll need to purchase additional model-specific inner pots.

Extra liners and sealing rings are useful to keep on hand so you can swiftly prepare multiple recipes without stopping to wash a pot.

Another feature of the modern liner is that it is exclusively available in stainless steel. A non-stick version of the original type of liner is also available.

2. Use smart and customizable programs

When comparing quick pots, you may want to consider intelligent programs as well. While the Pro has fewer cooking options, it does have additional culinary options, such as customizable programs.

The Pro’s presets and personalization choices take cooking to a whole different level of guesswork. The design of the Pro 10 in 1 cooker provides for a wider range of cooking choices from the control panel, rather than being confined to just a few buttons.

To begin the cooking process, remember to hit the start button. After a few seconds of pressing the program buttons, the Duo begins cooking automatically.

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3. Quick-cool lid with defused steam release

The Pro contains a handful of the latest lid features, including a handle and a cooking liner. The Duo Evo Plus’s defused steam release mechanism lets you swiftly relieve the pressure after cooking without having to worry about spraying your ceiling.

When the Duo is finished cooking, touch the manual release knob for a controlled steam release. Before you start pushing the control buttons, make sure the steam release knob is in a sealed position. The lid on newer Duo models should include the auto-seal feature. If you do decide to get a Duo, make sure you get the right one.

An auto-ceiling lid is a fantastic feature for the Pro instant pot 10 in 1 6 qt. If you enjoy the auto-ceiling function but aren’t convinced about the Pro’s sophisticated technology, try the Duo Plus.

4. 5 Customized smart programs

On the Pro, you can save up to five favorite custom programs with quick access to your favorite settings. This is a nice thing to have if there are certain recipes that you prepare regularly. For a certain smart program, the Instant Pot typically remembers your last-used setting. For example, if you make numerous variants of a steak, the pro’s preferences will let you maintain them all in one place.

5. There is also a 3-quart tiny version of the Duo available

The Duo comes in three sizes: three quarts, six quarts, and eight quarts. There are two sizes of the Pro: 6 quarts and 8 quarts.

Select the size that best suits your cooking requirements. For example, a 3-quart micro is ideal for cooking for one person or tiny side dishes. It’s also great for compact kitchens with little storage. 

The majority of recipes are written for a 6-quart pot. It’s the most common size, and it’s big enough to serve a four-person household.

The 8-quart size may be more relevant to the user if you need more flexibility or prepare a lot of meals. The larger size allows you more space to fry a huge batch of chicken breasts. There are larger versions of both the Duo and the Pro.

6. Variety of accessories

A single sealing ring, a steam rack/trivet, and a user manual are included with the Duo. A rice paddle and measuring cup were included in earlier versions of the Duo. A rice paddle and measuring cup were included in earlier versions of the Duo.

A trivet, two sealing rings, and a user manual are included in the Pro package. The addition of a second sealing ring is fantastic. Please remember that silicone rings typically smell like the food you’re cooking, particularly garlic and onions. Silicone also has a chicken-like odor.

Consider purchasing an extra ceiling ring or two, regardless of the instant pot you select. It’s necessary. 

7. The traditional model is usually less expensive

The Duo will often cost far less than the Pro for the same quart size, depending on your budget, because the new model has more functions.

When considering purchasing an Instant Pot, keep an eye out for a flash sale or a discount. Even with newer versions, you never know when you’ll be able to get a good deal.

What users are saying about  Instant Pot Duo and Pro?

Let’s see what other people have to say about the instant pot 10 in 1 vs 7 in 1 cooker by reading the reviews.

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

The majority of reviews say the Instant Pot Duo is the greatest pressure cooker they’ve ever used, that it fits in compact areas, that it has a lot of features, and that both the automatic and manual cooking modes make wonderful meals.

On the contrary, many of the best reviews compare the Instant Pot Pro to earlier versions and comment on how much easier it is to operate, how much quieter it is, and how surprised new customers are that they haven’t tested multifunction pressure cookers before.

Which one is the winner?

In terms of features, the Instant Pot Pro comes out on top. In today’s instant pot 7 in 1 vs 10 in 1 pressure cooker competitive environment, it has a lot of benefits over Duo. The Instant Pot Pro is a more advanced version of the Duo. As a result, if you have enough money, the Instant Pot Pro is the best option.

Alternatively, The Instant Pot Duo is more cost-effective. Although it has fewer features than its opponent, it has a more appealing price. As a result, if money is a concern, the Instant Pot Duo is a viable alternative.

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