How to use vibration machine for weight loss

The topic of weight loss appears to be gaining in popularity these days. Some people do it for the sake of being attractive, while others do it to improve their health. Whatever the reason, the end goal is the same: weight loss. A vibration machine is now being used by more people to lose weight.

While there is limited research on the effectiveness of these devices, many people are interested in learning how to use vibration machines for weight loss. These gadgets are simple to operate and provide a pleasant alternative to strenuous cardio workouts.

How to use vibration machine for weight loss

Read the full article for the greatest weight-loss strategies and methods with vibrating machines.

What is a vibration machine?

Vibration machines are similar to vibrating belt machines, but they are not the same. Many people assumed they were comparable to the belts that wrap around our waists when they first came out, but this technology is fundamentally different.

A vibration machine can operate your entire body, which is one of the most significant differences between it and a vibration belt. The vibrations can reach 30 to 50 shakes per second, making them a powerful force. To respond to these motions, each of your tissues must contract and expand in order to keep your equilibrium, which is important.

ZENY Viration Platform Exercise Machine
ZENY Viration Platform Exercise Machine

Full-body vibration devices are available in a variety of designs and sizes. However, where the vibrations occur is common. You go around the machine while standing on it. 

How Does It Work?

While electrical muscle stimulation has its advantages, vibration machines provide a different type of upper-body conditioning.

Athletes are accustomed to vibration training. It has been utilized to enhance the effectiveness of vibration training by toning and conditioning the body. 

The vibrations normally emanate from a horizontal plane, depending on what type of physical exercise you’re doing and where you can stand, sit, or lie down and stretch.

The machine’s objective is to vibrate different muscle groups throughout the body. So your strengthened muscles assist you in losing even more weight.

How to use vibration machine for weight loss

Many people have questions in their minds about how to use a vibration machine for weight loss and how much weight can you lose on a vibration machine? To get the most out of any vibration machine, you’ll need to learn how to do the right exercises. Vibration machines go well with calisthenic activities. Calisthenic exercises do not require any special equipment. Bodyweight vibration training or rhythmic motions are examples of these exercises. Sit-ups, push-ups, crunches, and other bodyweight exercises are the most prevalent.

Vibration Machine for Elderly

It all begins with you becoming familiar with the body vibration system. The majority of machinery vibrates at extremely high frequencies. Set the frequency to a level that feels good to you. You can begin doing activities such as sit-ups and push-ups if you feel comfortable. The vibration enhances the action of the body exercises and speeds up weight reduction by burning fat.

There is no such thing as a weight-loss machine. Weight loss is a multi-step process that includes nutrition, exercise, and good eating. Vibration training can help you along the way, but it should not be your only type of exercise. The most essential thing is to fight the urge to eat more calories once you’ve finished.

Here are some of the most effective calisthenic exercises that can do on a vibrating machine:

Isometric Squats

To keep yourself balanced, stand on the vibration device and grip the handles. Shoulder width is the ideal distance between your feet. Bend your knees and squat after you’ve achieved the proper position. Maintain this position until your thighs are parallel to the surface. Return to your initial position after 30 to 60 seconds in this position. After a little pause, repeat the exercise.

Split Squats

Place the ball of your right foot on the floor while keeping your left foot flat on the vibration machine.

Back up your right foot to create a long, collapsing posture. By gripping the vibration machine’s handles, you can achieve total equilibrium. Bend both legs at the same time as you lower your back knee. Stop when your back knees are at a 90-degree angle and your front thighs are parallel with the floor. Return to the beginning position and repeat the process.

Push ups

Place your hands on the vibrating platforms for weight loss. Extend your legs behind you as you lie down. Your bodyweight should be supported only by your feet and hands.

Make sure your hips, heels, and shoulders are all straight and aligned while doing this.

By bending your knees, you will bring your chest closer to the ground. Make sure your core is tightened as you do this. 

Hold for a few moments when your chest is almost touching the platform, then return to your starting position. When completing a push-up on a vibration machine, make sure you do it correctly.

Of course, you can still use a vibration machine for a variety of activities. This tool can be used to its maximum potential if you are imaginative enough.

How to use vibration plate for weight loss?

When compared to treadmills or other exercise equipment that can deliver a specific quantity of calories burnt per hour, vibration plates are relatively new.

Benefits of Vibration Training

Your body will exert more effort if you workout on your vibrating device as well.. As a result, you’ll lose more weight. On a vibration plate, there are two ways to shed extra weight.

1. Use A Heart Rate Monitor

When your heart beats quicker, you burn more calories because you’re taking in more oxygen to burn your fat stores.

The optimal fat-burning heart rate zone is approximately 80% of your maximum allowed heart rate. Your maximum heart rate is 180 beats per minute if you’re 40 years old. 144 beats per minute is 80% of that.

It is strongly recommended that you get medical advice. Due to medical issues, some people may be unable to reach 80 percent of their maximum heart rate. Furthermore, you can enter the fat-burning zone even at 55% of your maximum capacity.

As a result, the optimal vibration plate speed for weight reduction is the one that puts you in the proper heart rate zone.

2. Do Vibration Plate Exercises

Although dieting is necessary, we believe that exercise is preferable to calorie restriction. Because maintaining strength and health necessitates the consumption of nutritious foods, However, moderation is essential, so don’t eat if you aren’t hungry.

There is also other research that supports our position. Experts in the Netherlands revealed in 2009 that people who diet and utilize a vibration plate for six months cannot lose 5% of their weight. On the other hand, those who like to work out on a vibration plate are welcome to do so.

Is it enough to simply stand on vibration plates to get the benefits?

One of the most frequently asked questions about vibration plates is if they can be used just by standing on them. Simply stepping on the machine and letting the high-frequency vibrations exercise your body will provide you with all of the benefits of the machine.

You can accelerate the process by integrating extra exercises like squats, lunges, and push-ups into your workout, depending on your fitness goals. In fact, several rehabilitation clinics use vibrating machines to physically treat patients who have difficulties moving.

How long should a vibration machine be used to lose weight?

When determining how long a vibration device should endure, keep the following points in mind:

  • If you want to burn fat, spread your workouts out across the week rather than increasing the length of each one, as this will simply degrade the quality of your program.
  • If you would like to lose weight with vibration machine, schedule four 30-minute sessions each week (equally spaced).
  • If you really want to tone up, try to do two sessions per week, if possible.
  • Divide the week into three sessions for a well-balanced regimen.

Benefits of Using a Whole-Body Vibration Machine

The vibrating machine promises both weight loss and muscle growth. While the research in some other areas is encouraging, additional research in the field of weight loss is required. For the time being, reviewing existing and recent research will assist you in determining whether or not full body vibration is appropriate for you. Here are some of the advantages of WBV.

Benefits of Using a Whole-Body Vibration Machine

Improves Bone Density

One of its most significant advantages is its effect on bone density and osteoporosis prevention. WBV has been shown in several studies to be a sort of physical activity that can help control bone maintenance and stimulate bone development, including mineral buildup. Daily WBV can be especially beneficial to postmenopausal women. According to one study, postmenopausal women who received WBV once or twice daily for at least two months had higher bone mineral density. WBV has also been found to be a safe mode of physical activity for postmenopausal osteoporosis management. 

Other advantages of WBV on bone density include improved postural control, improved balance and coordination, and a lower chance of falling. 

Strengthens the body

WBV can help in the prevention of muscle weakness caused by fast muscle loss. As a result, WBV can help the elderly lower their risk of falling and fractures while also improving their quality of life.

Daily WBV practices will help you become stronger, enhance your balance, and apply more energy to your game.

If you have access to a WBV platform, use it for 6 minutes every day to help you gain strength, improve balance, and develop strength both in and out of the gym.

Reduces blood pressure

Blood pressure can be reduced by standing on the WBV platform three times each week. One study observed 25 obese people aged 50 to 65 for eight weeks as they did supervised WBV exercise three times per week, which included both permanent WBV and leg exercises. Researchers discovered that WBV is a viable kind of exercise for lowering blood pressure. 

In the meantime, another study looked at the same outcomes, but with a younger sample of obese people aged 21 to 23.

People who suffer from obesity or have difficulties undertaking standard physical activity will find WBV a pleasurable workout that lowers blood pressure improves balance and builds muscle strength.

Vibration machine weight loss side effects

The effectiveness of vibration platform devices is disputed by doctors and health specialists.   Nonetheless, researchers believe that whole-body vibration can assist strengthen bone density, improve circulation, and increase muscular activity.

Overall, these devices can’t perform all of the work for you when it comes to losing weight. It is best to exercise while standing on the machine to accomplish your final goal.

Issues to Consider Before Using a Vibration Machine

There are a few things to consider before learning how to use a vibration machine for weight loss. For example, if you have a physical problem such as lower back pain, vibration workouts can be harmful. To guarantee your safety, consult your doctor to verify whether using a vibration machine is safe.

If your doctor grants you permission, you can use this equipment as part of your exercise and weight loss strategy.

As mentioned in one of the studies we noted above, modifying your diet and calorie consumption is also important in ensuring you obtain the outcomes you want. With that in mind, make sure to stick to these easy recommendations.

  • Calculate and adapt your daily calorie demands based on your current activities.
  • Always keep in mind that you should not consume more calories than your body requires each day.
  • Feedings should be done every five to six hours. In addition, your diet should consist solely of fresh vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains. 


Although resting on the vibrating machine may not burn many calories, it does strengthen and relax your muscles. As a result, your metabolism speeds up, allowing you to burn more calories even when you’re at rest.

Start working out on your vibration plate and you’ll see even faster results. To receive the nutrition you need, you really should eat properly and moderately.

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