Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127- which one is the best to buy?

A customer selects the best toaster oven based on product features, performance, specification. Considering customer demand, Hamilton has come up with two reliable countertop ovens known as Hamilton Beach 31126 and 31127.

Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127 both ovens win users’ hearts with their functional features, capabilities, and performance. These compact and powerful machines come in great competition with each other.

Since most of the features are identical, many people are confused about choosing the one they need. To get rid of such confusion, we have discussed the comparative qualities of Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127 in this review. Experienced users are more inclined to use Hamilton Beach 31126 because it offers something extra.

This review discusses the advantages and disadvantages of these ovens as well as comparative charts. So let’s not be late and see why these ovens are the best?

Is Hamilton Beach 31126 better than Hamilton Beach 31127?

Although the Hamilton Beach 31126 and Hamilton Beach 31127 come with almost identical features, some additional benefits allow the two machines to be considered separately. Considering the features, functions, performance, and price, most users find Hamilton Beach 31126 more efficient than 31127.

  • One of the features of Hamilton Beach 31126 is that it brings convection technology. Having this technology allows it to reduce cooking time and will enable the user to do other things.
  • Inside the huge kitchen space, it easily fits six slices of bread and 12 inches of pizza which is one of the reasons to attract users.
  • The convenience of enjoying four types of food like bake, broil, toast functions & convection is something special for any user.

That means Hamilton Beach 31126 is better than 31127 considering other benefits, including convection. However, 31127 is no less in part due to its almost identical efficiency and heaviness.

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Comparison chart-Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127

SpecificationsHamilton Beach 31126 Hamilton Beach 31127
ImageHamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127

16.75 x 10.76×19.76 inches

15.24 x 18.74 x 9.41 inches


5.9 lbs

11.4 lbs

Cooking Functions

Bake, Broil, Toast, Convection

Bake, Broil, Toast,  Convection

Temperature (Max)







30 minutes with auto-shutoff

30 minutes with auto-shutoff

Digital Display




12” pizza/ 6 slices of toast

12” pizza/ 6 slices of toast

Front-Access Crumb Tray






Interior Light






What are the similarities between Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127?

Cooking Functions

A common feature of both Hamilton Beach 31126 and Hamilton Beach 31127 machines is that they come with four types of cooking features that allow you to enjoy various food flavors. 

The features of using broil, bake, toast, and convection settings are quite appealing to customers. These properties are excellent for broil meat perfectly and baking cakes. Convection settings can meet your crisp food needs

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For quick and accurate cooking, these best toaster ovens come with a temperature of at least 150ºF, which is increasing up to 450ºF. These ovens have a heating system at the bottom and top, which is considered very effective by experienced users. By controlling the temperature, you can save time by reducing the cooking time by 25 %.


Another common and essential feature of Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127 is the Timer which helps to auto-shutoff the machine. You can use this Timer feature if you are busy with cooking and other activities simultaneously, which will allow you to set the timer for about 30 minutes.

This feature will give you signals at the end of cooking which keeps you worry-free while cooking. Also, its Auto-shutoff option prevents your cooked food from getting burnt or spoiled.


The Hamilton Beach 31126 and 31127 ovens are small in size but have a vast interior that offers a 9 x 11-inch baking pan. It is enough for a 12-inch pizza or six-piece toast to fit easily. That means its cooking area has enough capacity to cook a lot of things.

Roll-Top Door

These machines do not require a stylish balanced baking tray to test food or incorporate ingredients. Because they have roll-top doors to make these tasks more accessible, this fantastic design saves some space on the countertop and ensures your safety. Also, there is no hassle cleaning the machine frequently as there is no opportunity to split the food at the door.

What is the difference between Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127?

Although these ovens show the same functionality for every single feature, some key features affect and vary their performance. Let’s see what features distinguish these machines.

Design & Functionality

Although the basic design of Hamilton Beach 31126 VS 31127 is similar, there are some differences in their dimensions. These ovens measure 16.75 x 10.76×19.76 inches and 15.24 x 18.74 x 9.41 inches, respectively. Considering the size, the 31126 model is slightly larger than the 31127.

On the other hand, in terms of weight, the 31127 model is heavier than the 31126, weighing about 11.4 lbs. Consumers collect the oven of their choice, considering its size or weight.

These ovens have an analog interface that controls the entire setting with three knobs. These small machines add all the necessary features to their design.


Comparing Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127, there is some difference in their performance. The first thing that catches everyone’s eye is the convection toaster which has Hamilton 31126. But Hamilton Beach 31127 does not carry this feature. The convection feature makes the Hamilton 31126 30% faster than any traditional oven.

This technology uses a fan that circulates the rum air for quick cooking. It means that it is a critical point to increase efficiency that can not ignore. Also, both ovens have other features, including Roll-Top Door, which makes them much more efficient than different equivalent ovens.


The prices of Hamilton Beach 31126 and 31127 are reasonable considering the features. Though both machines provide the same features, The Hamilton Beach 31126 costs a few dollars more than 31127 for some extra convenience

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Pros and Cons

Hamilton Beach 31126Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127Hamilton Beach 31127Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127


  • There is ample space inside.
  • 2-inch pizza or six-piece toast fits easily.
  • It comes with back pain and a back rack.
  • It features a 30-minute timer.
  • It has the auto-shut-off feature.
  • It also Provides adequate temperature.
  • There is convection technology.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • It heats up quickly and cools down quickly.
  • Ideal for frozen and fresh pizza.


  • Convection fan sometimes makes noise.


  • It comes with an easy-to-use method.
  • Features timer with bell for worry-free cooking.
  • It also has ample space inside.
  • Auto-shutoff option
  • It Provides a baking pan and a baking rack.
  • The size is suitable for the kitchen.
  • The temperature range is vast.
  • It has a Suitable place for six toasts and 12-inch pizzas.


  • No convection technology

Frequently Asked Questions About Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127 

Q: Does the device get hot?

These ovens use a double-wall so that the inside is heated, but the outside is not heated. However, if you try to use it at maximum temperature for an hour or more, then the device will get quite hot, which is not recommended with these machines.

Q: How much energy is required to operate these ovens?

These functional ovens require 1400 watts to operate.

Q: Is it difficult to clean a Hamilton Beach toaster oven?

No, Due to the great features of the Roll-Top Door, it is not a problem to clean these ovens. You can clean Toaster stoves with a cloth or sponge. Also, a removable piece tray is another part of easy cleaning.

Q: What is the warranty of Hamilton Beach Ovens?

Hamilton Beach 31126 Vs 31127 both come with the same warranty. In this case, if any defect is found, they have one year warranty to repair it.

Q: Which of the ovens can be easily carried?

Although almost identical in features, they differ in weight and size. The Hamilton Beach 31126 and 31127 weigh 5.9 lbs and 11.4 lbs, respectively. That means that the Hamilton Beach 31126 machine is much lighter than its new one, making it easier to transport. However, 31127 is relatively heavy, so many people prefer it for their kitchen.

Final Thoughts

From Hamilton Beach 31126 vs 31127 reviews, we can learn about many great features of these ovens. These budget-friendly cost-effective machines are capable of cooking quickly and evenly. 

With all the features, performance, and benefits being the same, with aesthetic design, portability, and convection technology, experienced experts recommend the Hamilton Beach 31126

If you want to have an authentic experience with these Toaster Ovens, Take it now without delay, and don’t forget to share your best experience.

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