Gaggia Naviglio milk review in 2022-What makes it best?

If you want to look for a premium espresso machine and if you are a cappuccino lover then the Gaggia Naviglio milk coffee Machine is the best choice for you to make a perfect coffee like your favorite coffee shop. There is no other super-automatic espresso machine offered like Gaggia Naviglio milk in this superb price range. For this reason, it is the best value item for making coffee. It comes with all the great basic features that are discussed in detail in Gaggia Naviglio milk review.

This machine provides an auto frothing option, including the new capp in cup features. It’s designed with front-loading drawers that are easy to handle and it’s entirely Italian designed and manufactured. The Gaggia Naviglio will allow you to make a one-touch cappuccino.

By using this feature you can produce a delicious cappuccino by simply pushing a button and without moving your cup. Even how much milk should be dispensed for your cappuccino can be programmed. You can dispense cappuccino in memo mode by holding down the button and pressing it again once you are finished.

There are many features and specifications you may know by reading this Gaggia Naviglio milk review.

The noticeable feature  of Gaggia Naviglio milk review

  • This versatile coffee maker is pretty convenient for daily uses.
  • Long-lasting build and grinders with 100% ceramic adjustment. 
  • To remember daily coffee the gaggia naviglio milk has a customized and memorized memo function.
  • With the ability to produce up to 50 cups a day.
  • Individually illuminated LED buttons allow you to operate this coffee maker.
  • Included a quick heat broiler which makes sure the coffee gets hot quickly.
  • A 1.5-liter capacity reservoir is installed in this machine.
  • Equipped with a classic Panarello wand.
  • The brewing group is easily removable for easy cleaning.
  • Affordable price range. Which is highly effective for beginner users.


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Why is Gaggia Naviglio milk the most reliable espresso machine?

It is one of the most reliable espresso machines. And the reasons why it is the best are described in detail in Gaggia Naviglio milk review.This machine includes lots of features which attract the people to buy this. The design of this coffee machine makes it easy to use. Using this premium espresso machine everyone can make great coffee with the right combination of ingredients.

A convenience drawer with the coffee grinders and pull-out water tank can easily be accessed from the front. Coming with the impressive build quality and maintaining a large capability to this machine can easily defeat others espresso items at this mid-range price. With all these premium features everybody likes this item commonly.

In the controlling system, its features are made easy via dedicated buttons and LED indicators. The Gaggia Naviglio comes with a 1year brand warranty from Gaggia.

With adaptable features, removable units, ground coffee options, and a ceramic grinder, the machine has a variety of benefits. Although it may lack some advanced features of a more premium model, a typical drinker will find everything they need here. There are a few minor concerns, including the annoying blinking power light and the relatively loud operating noise, but we still highly recommend this machine. 

Comparison between Gaggia Naviglio and Philips 3200

Specifications Gaggia Naviglio MilkPhilips 3200
ImageGaggia naviglio milk review 
Product Dimensions



19 x13.1 x 18.3 inches 21 x17x 18.75 inches
Product Weight 23.3 Pounds20.3 Pounds
Adjustable grind YesYes
Power1850 Watts1500 Watts
Water capacity 1.5 liters1.80 liters
Dishwasher safe parts YesYes
Beverages Espresso, coffeeEspresso, coffee, hot water
Materials PlasticPlastic 
Human interface inputLED indicators Touchscreen 
Coffee bean capacity 300gr250gr
Customers review  4.3 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 5 stars
Milk frothingYes (steam wand)Yes
App connectivity NoNo
Number of grinder settings5 level5 level

In-depth review of the  Feature of Gaggia Naviglio milk

One-Touch Cappuccino system

In the Gaggia Naviglio milk, you can find an innovative and convenient one-touch solution for your milk-based beverages. It is as easy as clicking one button and this new setup draws milk from any container, froths it, and slides it automatically, without you having to remove the cup or glass from underneath the spout. Whenever you need flawless results, no splashes are necessary.    

Ease Of Use

To make a proper cup of coffee, using this machine is one of the simplest things you can do. In the first step, put the beans into the hopper on top, which can be filled up with a standard bag (around 250 grams) of coffee beans at a time. The next step is to fill the reservoir with water. After that, the machine needs to warm up. You can simply turn it on and wait. Then After pushing an appropriate button, the machine starts grinding the beans and preparing the coffee or other drink properly. 

Boiler With Quick Heat

Quick heat boilers ensure hot drinks are ready from the very first cup. The espresso machine is made from light aluminum and stainless steel, which can reach hot temperatures quickly. It can be a positive side for this product.

Easy to use Operation

The Gaggia Naviglio milk has some dedicated buttons and indicators light to Program and maintains this machine smoothly. 

If you want to go with more simple control features then choose your utility from Jura d6 VS e6 which is Compatible with J.O.E. 

Easily accessible front-loading drawers

With the Gaggia Naviglio milk maintenance, the reservoir and dregs drawer can be moved ahead and away from the machine. Approximately 1.5 liters of water are stored in the reservoir, and discarded coffee pucks can be stored in the dregs drawer.


If we are talking about the pricing of this machine. The Gaggia Naviglio milk leads to excellent value for money, especially for those who are new to making coffee but understand the possible quality of such a machine but do not have the time or inclination to play with it to their liking for hours on end. For real espresso lovers, it can be a safe investment due to its reasonable price and good quality.

Full Of Ceramic Adjustable Grinders

This machine is full of ceramics-made grinders, As we have said before in this Gaggia Naviglio milk review. These ceramic grinders extract the purest flavor from your coffee beans, preventing overheating and burning. This kind of material is designed to provide the best in-cup result, long-lasting performance,  and silence. Choose between five options to personalize your expression,  from fone grounds for a strong taste to coarse for a more subtle taste.               

A simple maintenance process 

Maintenance is very easy with this Espresso Machine. Occasionally, a small amount of water may seep into the machine when it is turned on and off. Following the clear manual instructions for necessary maintenance, the brew unit should be removed and cleaned at least once a month. 

Pros and Cons of Gaggia Naviglio milk review

  • Modern design and easy to use.
  • 100% ceramic adjusted grinders and durable build quality.
  • A large capacity water tank.
  • Including a classic Panarello wand.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Able to produce 50 cups of cappuccino in a day. 
  • Affordable pricing
  • Don’t have any digital display. 
  • Sometimes it makes a loud noise.

FAQ about Gaggia Naviglio milk review

Question: Does there have any Energy-saving standby mode?

Answer: Yes. The Gaggia Naviglio coffee machine has an energy-saving stand-by mode which is literally energy efficient and it can save power to drain less than 1kW/h.

Question: Does this machine have any modern display to control?

Answer: No. There is no digital display included in this machine but it has dedicated buttons and indicators as well.

Question: What is the warranty of this machine?

Answer: It has a 1year brand warranty which is handled by Gaggia.

Question: What is the special feature of this machine?

Answer: The remarkable feature of this machine is Integrated coffee grinders and special for milk frothers.

Question: is it durable?

Answer: Yes. In this price range, its build quality is premium and durable. 

 Final Verdict

At the end of the Gaggia naviglio milk review, we can say without any doubt that the Gaggia Naviglio milk is a complete and premium package at this price. In terms of features and functionality, it’s excellent for the money, providing an easy-to-use but highly effective experience. This machine produces coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and latte with only one button press.

There is not a big issue if you compare it to others at this price. But all above in the Gaggia Naviglio milk review,  you may already know about all the pros, features, performance, and superb build quality which can deliver an extreme experience. Finally, if you want to buy an entry-level espresso machine and care about your money, you can buy this machine without any further due.

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