Cuisinart Digital Airfryer Toaster Oven Costco Review

A Cuisinart air fryer with presets can be an excellent choice for you to fry your favorite items in the air instead of oil, like wings, fries, chicken nuggets, snacks, and vegetables. Fry up to 3 pounds at a time in this oven. Here in this Cuisinart Digital Airfryer Toaster Oven Costco review, we have described in detail this Cuisinart air fryer so that you can know the details about this air fryer. Only then will you realize that this Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven is your best option.

This best Cuisinart air fryer Costco also offers all the great features like a full-size toaster oven. Cuisinart digital air fryer toaster makes bread flour-proofing quick and easy. This provides the perfect warm temperature to allow the bread or pizza dough to rise at the end. Once the bread has risen, you can bake the bread in the oven at the desired temperature by setting the baking temperature and time.

If you want to know more about this Digital Airfryer, then you need to read this review in full. Because in this review below, all the information about the air fryer is given to buy the product with understanding.

At a Glance- Cuisinart Digital Airfryer Toaster Oven Costco

  • Its heater provides high-velocity and high-heat airflow to achieve perfect frying results with minimal noise.
  • Bread flour proofing in this digital air fryer convection oven is quick and easy. It has the ideal warm temperature to allow bread or pizza flour to rise at the end. Also, this oven can bake the bread at the desired temperature only by setting the baking temperature and time as required.
  • This toaster oven has a wide range of functions so that you can bake, broil, pizza, roast, toast, bagel, reheat, warm and dual cook.
  • There are more options to customize your cooking. Frying wings, fries, nuggets, snacks, and vegetables can be easily made with the air fryer function and presets.
  • The minimum temperature is 80° F, and the maximum temperature is 450° F.
  • Each function has time to adjust to individual preset ranges.
  • It can air fry up to 3 pounds, toast 6 bagels in half, a 4 pound fried chicken, or bake a 12″ pizza.
  • Stainless steel body with large viewing windows and interior lighting.
  • It has a nonstick interior, dishwasher-safe baking pan and air fryer basket for easy cleaning.

Comparison Table of Cuisinart TOA-65 and Cuisinart TOB-1010

Product Identifiers

Cuisinart TOA-65 Digital AirFryer Toaster Convection Oven

Cuisinart TOB-1010 Toaster Oven





Item Dimensions LxWxH

17 x 21.73 x 15.75 inches

16 x 18.5 x 10.75 inches

Stove Type Compatibility




0.6 qt

 6 slices of toast

Minimum Temperature




Maximum Temperature




1800 W

1800 W

Item Weight

25 Pounds

15.14 Pounds

Product User Rating

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Key Features of Cuisinart Digital Airfryer Toaster Oven Costco review

Fastest airflow technology

As this 1800-watt power air fryer oven grows more prominent, it has an enormous commercial-style fan for faster ventilation. This allows high-velocity and ultra-hot air flows to revolve around the food for perfect air-fried results in a short period. Due to this uninterrupted hot air flow, your food is done perfectly inside and out.

Dehydrate, Slow Cook and Proof

The unique temperature range of Cuisinart Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven is a minimum of 80° F and a maximum of 450° F, which allows users to prove flour and dehydrate foods. Also, for its unique temperature range, you can easily bake, broil, pizza, roast, toast, bagel, reheat, hot, dual cook, frying wings, fries, nuggets, snacks, and vegetables.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Although this Costco Cuisinart air fryer has a powerful extra-large fan, it is perfectly balanced to provide maximum airflow with minimal noise. This extra-large fan is specially designed, so it doesn’t make much noise.

LCD Display

The Costco microwave oven has an LCD that lets you easily access 13 pre-programmed cooking functions. The LCD also indicates when the preheating is done and automatically calculates the cooking time for perfect results.

Features dual cooking

A simple cooking function in a Cuisinart compact air fryer combines two temperatures to create more cooking options and flexibility.

Dedicated air fry setting and Capacity

It has some pre-programmed functions for wings, nuggets, fries, snacks and vegetables so you can cook easily. It can air fry up to 3 pounds, half a 6 bagel toast, a 4 pound fried chicken, or bake a 12″ pizza.

13 Cooking Functions

Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer offers versatility to guide your cooking experience with 13 cooking functions. It has preset for Toast, Bagel, Bake, Broil, Pizza, Roast, Dehydrate, Low (for slow cooking), Proof, Air fry, Reheat, Warm, Dual cook.

Includes The Following Accessories

The oven rack can be used in top or bottom, a baking pan, or a drip tray for baking or roasting. It also has an air fryer basket with an air-fry function to optimize your cooking results.

Cuisinart Digital Airfryer Toaster Pros & Cons

✔ Pros
  • It can air-fry up to 3 pounds, a 4 pound fried chicken, 6 bagels half toast or 12 “pizza bake.
  • It has a specially made motor fan with 1800-watt Capacity.
  • It can easily make frying wings, fries, nuggets, snacks, and vegetables with air fryer function and presets.
  • There is a time to adjust the preset range for each function.
📌 Cons
  • This Cuisinart digital air fryer toaster oven weighs 25 pounds which is comparatively more than other air fryer toaster ovens.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can parchment paper be used in Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven?

Yes, you can use parchment paper in most air fryers. However, parchment paper has to be placed in the right place. Otherwise, you and your fryer may experience some very adverse side effects.

Does the Cuisinart air fryer need to be preheated?

Preheating is not required for toasting or air frying. Before adding any food, the oven should be heated for at least five minutes when baking or broiling.

Can aluminum foil be used in Cuisinart air fryers?

This air fryer has three accessories. A metal baking tray, a frying pan and a slotted metal rack for toast. The baking tray turns black after a few uses and it isn’t easy to clean. So, it is better to use a cover made of aluminum foil.

Final Words

Like all our reviews in this Cuisinart Digital Airfryer Toaster Oven Costco review, we have provided you with all the information about this best digital air fryer so that you can buy the best products with the right decision.

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