Broil King Baron 420 Review-what features make it worthy?

Broil King Baron 420 is one of the distinctive products manufactured by the Broil King brand. In the world of grill, Broil King brand is highly praised by the users. You can blindly trust the products of this brand without any suspicion. What you need is just to match your requirements with its models and choose the one, Broil King Baron 420 Review can meet your demand.

You will be pleased to know that Broil King Baron 420 is an irresistible grill that is affordable to most of the users. It has a large space for cooking dishes and it heats more evenly compared to the other grills. It includes a high quality cookbox, porcelain coated warming rack,  fold-down shelves, integrated tool hooks , reversible heavy duty cast iron cooking grates; etc. Each part of this grill is made with the right material. So it’s a durable product and capable of resisting rust or other harmful substances.

It also comes with a built-in thermometer, thermometer gauge, Performance Grilling Technology (PGT), linear flow valves, level Q casters and many more useful features. Have a look at the following article “Broil King Baron 420 review” in order to know details about this product. Hope you enjoy the content. 

At A Glance  Broil King Baron 420 Review

  • Broil King 420 is a Liquid propane gas grill which has many distinctive features.
  • It incorporates four dual-tube burners (made of stainless steel) which delivers up to 40000 BTU per hour.
  • In order to satisfy customers’ thirst, this product is able to heat the grill fast and evenly. It also includes a stainless steel cookbox with cast aluminium end caps.
  • Total cooking space of this grill is 644 square inches and the primary cooking space is about 444 square inches.
  • This grill also includes a warming rack that covers around 200 square inches of space. This warming rack is coated with porcelain.
  • Besides, it comes with a sure-lite electronic ignition system.
  • This grill is durable and resistant to rust due to its high grade materials.
  • Broil King 420 also consists of a fold-down stainless steel side shelves which benefits the users in various ways.
  • Moreover, it consists of linear-flow valves with 180 degree sensi-touch control knobs.
  • This grill also includes reversible heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grids.
  • It provides users with a stainless steel flav-R-Wave cooking system.
  • Manufacturers made it with level Q casters so that it can be stable even on the uneven surfaces.

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Why is Broil King Baron 420 review the most reliable one?

The first thing we would like to mention in this regard is that Broil King Baron 420 comes with all the necessary functions excluding the unnecessary ones.  Besides, this product is manufactured by the renowned brand Broil king so certainly you can rely on this product.

Broil King Baron 420 Review

It includes high tech like Performance Grilling Technology (PGT),  electronic ignite system, Flav-R-Wave Bars, built-in thermometer and thermometer gauge. These mentioned features help a user to get the best grill experience from this grill machine.

Broil King Baron 420 also includes warming rack and down-fold side shelves in order to offer more space to the users. Manufacturers used high grade materials in each part of this grill so that it could last for a long period of time. Moreover, this grill is reasonably priced!

Compare Broil King Baron 420 review with Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 

SpecificationBroil King baron 420Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310
ImageBroil King Baron 420 ReviewWeber 45010001 Spirit II E 310 3
Item dimension (LxWxH)57 x 24 x 45.5 inches52x27x44.5 inches
Item Weight150 pounds114 Pounds
Cooking Surface MaterialCast iron Porcelain-coated cast iron
Burner’s materialStainless steel Stainless steel
Lid MaterialPorcelain-coated steelPorcelain-coated steel
Number of burnersFourThree
Side BurnersNoNo
Cooking gratesYesYes
Reversible cooking grates YesNo
Warming rackYesYes
Flav-R-Wave Bars/Glamorizer barYesYes
BTU-per-hour output4000030000
Primary cooking space444 square inches / 2,865 square centimeter424 square inches / 2735 square centimeter
Total cooking space644 square inches / 4,155 square centimeter529 square inches / 3413 square centimeter
Warming rack cooking space200 square inches / 1290 square centimeter105 square inches/ 677  square centimeter
Fuel typeLiquid PropaneLiquid Propane
Cook boxYes
Cook box materialCast aluminum
Temperature / fuel Gauge        YesYes
Built-in thermometerYesYes
Ignition typeElectronicElectronic 
Performance Grilling Technology (PGT)Yes
Side table/ shelvesYesYes
Side table/shelf typeFold-downFold-down
Number of casters/wheelsFour casters Two large wheels
Level Q casterYesNo
Integrated tool hooksYesYes
Burner’s warrantyTen yearsTen  years

What are users saying about the Broil King baron 420 review?

After a mini research on this issue, we found that the overall customer review of Broil King Baron 420 is up to the standard. Users are satisfied with the performance of Broil King Baron 420. They noted that this grill heats more evenly than most other grills. They also say, in order to get the perfect grill taste we have to follow the instructions and season all the cooking surfaces perfectly.

Users also claim that this grill includes all the necessary parts and features and excludes the unnecessary one. They also say that this grill can be a good choice for those who want to save space without compromising the performance. Moreover, the reversible cooking grates and the warming rack are of great use.

And the biggest complaint about this grill from the users is that it is not so easy to assemble the parts of it. So the assembly instructions need a little improvement. Considering this small hassle, this grill works really great. Unquestionably, this grill is worth the money.

Key features of Broil King baron 420 review

Weight and dimension

The weight and dimension of Broil King Baron 420 is  150 pounds and 57 x 24 x 45.5 inches (LxWxH) consecutively.


The cooking surface of this grill is made with Cast iron while the burners are made with stainless steel. Moreover, the lid is made of Porcelain-coated steel. Besides, the cook box included with Baron 420 is made with cast aluminum.

Dual tube burners

Broil King 420 comes along with four stainless steel dual-tube burners. These burners deliver up to 40000 BTUs of heat in order to heat the grill quickly and more evenly. 

Cook box

Besides, a cookbox is included with this distinctive grill. The cookbox is made of stainless steel with cast aluminum end caps which allows users to heat the dishes evenly. It also ensures durability of the grill.

Performance Grilling Technology (PGT)

One of the specialties of this grill machine is that it incorporates Performance Grilling Technology. Not every grill would advantage users with this facility!

Additional space

In order to keep the essential cooking materials, the importance of an additional space is worth mentioning.  This grill consists of fold down side shelves with integrated tool hooks that allows users to maintain necessary ingredients in a sequenced manner. Even the warming rack provided with this grill gives extra space for grilling.

Fuel type

Choosing the right type of fuel for your grill is also an important task. Liquid propane (LP) is used in Broil King Baron 420. Using Liquid propane benefits users in many aspects. Its usage is convenient and makes the foods more delicious.


This grill comes with level Q casters which helps the grill to stay stable even in uneven surfaces. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Broil King baron 420 Review

Q.What is the warranty procedure of Broil King Baron 420?

The component of the cookbox provided with this grill comes with a limited lifetime warranty. On the other hand, there exists a 10 year limited warranty on the main burners of the grill. Whereas the other parts have a 2-year warranty on it.

Q: How easy is it to carry Broil King Baron 420 from one place to another?

Broil King baron 420 is easily portable because it includes four built-in casters. Surely, users need not to worry about its portability!

Q: Is rotisserie included in Broil King Baron 420?

Sorry! Broil King Baron 420 does not include rotisserie kits with it.

Q: What is Flav-R-Wave Bar? What does it do?

The Flav-R-Wave bar helps to distribute heat evenly on the overall surface of the grill. Moreover, it also protects the burners from unexpected incidents. It adds to the flavour of the dishes and makes them more juicy.

Final Verdict

In conclusion of the article “Broil King Baron 420 review” it can be said that without the hassle of fixing (to assemble the parts) the Broil King Baron 420, there are no more worthy cons of this product. So considering this small issue, a user can rely on this valuable grill as it comes with all the necessary functions and features.

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