Breville Smart Oven Air Reviews in 2022- Why should you pick the Oven Air?

If You’re looking for a versatile and multipurpose Toaster oven ;and you’re not worried about the price for better then The Breville Smart Oven Air Reviews is the one which you can look for. If you’re looking for a tool that will let you cook slowly, dehydrate, and air fry, and that will replace your customary over for the bountiful majority of cooking tasks, this is the machine for you.

You can use it to make light meals and side platters, make toast, fry moderate sized bunches of food, roast a whole chicken, reheat leftovers or cook slowly if you have the right tools. Basically what we’re saying is you can do a lot with the Breville Smart Oven Air Reviews.

breville smart oven air reviews
breville smart oven air reviews

Breville Smart Oven Air Reviews – What makes it worthy?

What is Breville?

Breville is an Australian company (based in Sydney) of small home appliances, including premium countertop ovens, non-premium ovens (like a conventional toaster oven), microwaves, blenders and even makes coffee machines for Nespresso. The company was founded in 1932 and the brand Breville name was derived from the last names of the two founders: Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville.

The Breville brand was introduced to the United States in 2002 and has introduced juicers, pressure cookers, food processors, and blenders in recent years. The Breville Smart Oven Air is also one of Breville’s newest product releases.


The Smart Air has thirteen preset functions, that’s a lot.

These functions are Bake, Roast, Broil, Toast, Bagel, Warm, Pizza, Proof, Air Fry, Reheat, Cookies, Slow Cook and Dehydrate.

The Breville Smart Oven Air Toaster oven was very spectacular in overall performances and it has-

  1. Digital high-quality display with all functions perfectly assembled.
  2. Convection Oven
  3. Pizza Pan
  4. Well balanced Air fryer functions
  5. a temperature range of 80-480
  6. dial and pushbutton controls
  7. Temperature in F & C
  8. 1800 watts of power
  9. Toastes, convection bake, step cooking etc.
  10. other additional features and accessories :super convection, it fits a 9:13 baking pan,12 cup muffin tray, pizza pan, air fry basket and a 14 pound thanksgiving turkey also.

Other Basic Information’s:

  • The Breville Smart Oven Air Reviews has a width of 18.5 inches, a 25-inch depth, and a height of 17 inches.The fact that this model combines the functions of several different appliances in one, thus it helps tosave space.
  • This model boasts 1,800 Watts of power and runs on 110 – 120 Volts.
  • A set of magnets are installed on the inside of the door. These magnets pull the top rack out a few inches when the door is opened for easy access.
  • The convention technology makes heating foods to the right temperature a breeze. This makes fries soft and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.
  • It has enhanced temperature accuracy, thus it helps to make temperature-sensitive dishes confidently.
  • The inside of the Breville Smart Oven Air oven, the “box” is about 1 cubic foot. After subtracting the space taken up by racks and heating elements or cookware like a baking pan, the “useable’ space is about 0.78 cubic feet. The dimensions for the useable space are about 16 inches wide, 7 inches high and about 12 inches deep. The exterior of the Smart Air measures 18.5 deep, 26 inches wide, and 17inches high and is wrapped in brushed stainless steel.

It also includes:

  • 13-inch pizza pan
  • 2 wire racks
  • 9 x 13 broiling rack
  • 9 x 13 enamel baking pan
  • Air Fry/Dehydrate basket
  • Crumb tray (crumb tray slides out from the bottom for cleaning)

Why it is a premium oven?

The Breville Smart Oven Air has a lot of features that are nearly similar to Breville’s other, ovens or even a toaster oven. Breville countertops are known for having a lot of unique functions and features. The stainless steel Breville Smart Oven Air has functions you expect like a slow cook and baking function. Air frying is a healthier way to crisp your food than conventional oil fryers.

Air frying uses the smart system with Super Convection to better circulate air inside the oven for the best crisp. Super Convection operates the built-in convection fan at an even higher speed than standard Convection cooking. The two-speed convection fan in this Breville Smart Oven Air is one of the only two-speed fans on the small appliance market.

The Element IQ system works in every cooking function to optimize the heating elements, convection fan, and time to make the best results for each function.The Breville Smart Oven Air air fryer oven also has a lot more space than the other Breville ovens. The lowest-priced Breville countertops don’t have convection fans.

Pros and Cons

After having a lot of facilities and features it also has some merits and demerits. Cause nothing in this world is absolutely perfect.

Breville Smart Oven Air Pros

  • 1800 watts of power
  • Versatility-it does it all
  • Ideal for air frying
  • PID temperature control
  • Excellent temperature accuracy
  • Quality of cooking is bar none
  • Nine slice toaster capacity
  • 13 preset cooking programs
  • Brushed steel finish
  • Presets and smart features are very easy to use
  • Huge interior-you can feed a whole family at once
  • Includes several cooking accessories

Breville Smart Oven Air Cons

  • Maybe too large for compact kitchens-its the size of four small toaster ovens
  • Some functions are quite loud-fans are a little bit noisy
  • Maybe prone to overheating
  • Pretty expensive

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If you are going to use it regularly and take advantage of all of the various functions, then the Smart Oven Air is well worth the price in our opinion. This is especially true if you’re able to use the Smart Oven Air in place of your standard-sized oven.

In fact, many people have commented that they like the larger sized Breville Smart Oven Air compared
to older, smaller model toaster ovens and also appreciate all of the functions. For all of these
reasons, we consider the Smart Oven Air to be Breville’s best.


The Breville Smart Oven Air Reviews is one of the most versatile toaster ovens around. This model also excels when it comes to temperature accuracy and can be controlled within ten degrees.

The Smart Oven Air or Air Fryer has a lot of functions and is a lot bigger than the rest of the Breville ovens. It is also the most expensive Breville oven. So is the Smart Oven Air worth it? It all depends on whether you will actually use it. Breville packs a lot of features into their ovens and Air Fry is a great addition to them. It provides you with an impressive thirteen preset cook programs to choose from.

If you are looking for a toaster oven that performs like a regular oven, this model will not disappoint.

This model also takes on the functions of an air fryer, a dehydrator, a slow cooker, and much more. This makes it possible to achieve a wide range of cooking functions at the touch of a button.

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