Best 5 Ceramic Knife Set With Block in 2022

The most essential thing for a cook is a good set of knives. Whatever you are doing, prepping dinner, carving a roast, or grabbing a snack, a sharp utensil is a must to get the job done. 

In shops, you’ll be confronted with different types and varieties of kitchen knife block sets. I would recommend you to go with the ceramic knife set with a block. 

As a chef and a big food lover, I had a chance to work with various types of knives. And, I found ceramic knives could be an assistant for a newbie to expert cooks. Today, I’ll explain to you why you should pick a ceramic knife and my best ceramic knife set with block recommendations. So, let’s not want a bit and get down to business.

Why Ceramic Knife Are Better

There are several reasons for me to recommend a ceramic knife over others. But, let me remind you, these types of knives are more expensive. And, as you can expect from pricier things, they last longer and stay sharp for a long time. 

A Ceramic Knife is significantly harder than a steel knife. Moreover, they don’t rust in harsh environments, aren’t magnetic, and have other resistance features. So, for the resistances, they can keep a cutting edge longer than metal knives. Moreover, they are sharper, as the ceramic is tougher than steel. The type of knives is better suitable for slicing boneless meat, vegetables, fruit, and bread. 

That means, for your Kitchen, ceramic knives are one of the best options. And, it would help if you always had a block to protect the edge and sharpness of your blades. 

Although you can pick any of my recommendations as all of them are the best ceramic knife set with blocks. But, I will keep the HOMPSORT Ceramic Knife on the top for several reasons. And, the best thing is, the knife comes at a pretty reasonable price.

Most Popular  05  Ceramic Knife Set With Block in 2022

1. HOMPSORT Ceramic Knife 5 PCS

HOMPSORT Ceramic Knife is on the top of my most affordable ceramic list. Unlike other knives, which only have a ceramic coating over them, this Hompsort is made with 100% ceramic. What that means is, the blades are sharp, durable, scratch-proof, and the best thing, rust-free. 

Moreover, all the knives of the set are moderate and lightweight. So, those who are looking for useful general knives are a great fit for these knives. But, I would like to remind you that if you are an expert cook, the knife set isn’t for you.

HOMPSORT Ceramic Knife 5 PCS

A Perfect Pack

A single knife won’t work if you are looking to achieve something from cooking. This is where the HOMPSORT Ceramic Knife set comes in handy. It has all the essential knives you would require in your Kitchen. 

To meet all kinds of needs, the Hompsort knife set comes with a five-piece set, including 1pc 6 inches Chef Knife, 1pc 5 inches Slicing Knife, 1pc 4inchesFruit Slicer, 1pc 3 inches Fruit Parer, 1pc Peeler, and 1pc Acrylic Holder. So, be the pro, and slice everything up with the complete set!

Top Notched Blades

Tell me, what is the most important thing with a knife? Of course, the blades. The HOMPSORT Ceramic Knife also knows that and attached high-quality blades into their knives. You would hardly find these quality blades at this price point. 

Moreover, the knives have ergonomic handles, which are next to comfortable and come in different colors. Believe me; you will love the color variety, adjustable with your kitchen theme. 

Let me tell you another advantage with the blades, they are exceptionally light, which is also a disadvantage with metal knives. Metal knives are heavy, and my hands get tired while using them for some time (my biggest enemy). But, that doesn’t occur with the HOMPSORT.

Comfy And User Friendly

A knife needs to be comfortable. Especially, for those who are at the beginning level as, at first hands are nimble and have less control. The HomSport blades will make the path a little easier for you. As I said previously, they have comfortable grips and are lightweight. 

For all these reasons, I put it on the top. Additionally, the set is budget-friendly; actually, all the knife sets on my list are budget-friendly. Anyways, as with any good thing, there are some disadvantages. And, you can find many in the HOMPSORT. 


As one positive side of being light, the blades also became a little flimsy. So, some people, who put extra force on the knives, broke them. So, you also should be careful while using. Moreover, the edges are told to chip with some users.

2. Turquoise 4 PCS Ceramic Knives 

If you are looking for some cute looking knives at a reasonable price, the Turquoise Ceramic 4PCS Knives are for you. With the unusual design, excellent sharpness, and decent durability, the knife set takes place at my top two list. 

Similar to the previous one, it is also a lightweight knife set perfect for beginners. But, you also have to be careful when pressuring. Anyways, the standout features of the blades are their double sharpness and ability to stay sharp for a long time. Moreover, they are pretty easy to clean and dry.

Turquoise 4 PCS Ceramic Knives

Unique But Comfortable Design

The Turquoise Ceramic Knife set makes an excellent first impression on the users with its unique handles and cool colors. But, like me, you may worry about them being uncomfortable while holding for a long time. That’s not the case at all with knives. Instead, it goes well with the women’s small hands. The handles get dirty pretty quickly because of their color. Thankfully, they are easy to clean, and the wreckage is removable. 

Outrageous Sharpness

The especially of the ceramic over metal knives is their sharpness. But, the Turquoise set went one step further, attaching double sharper blades than the steel knives. Moreover, they also defy the truth by staying sharp 15 times longer. So, get ready to have a long friend in your Kitchen. Also, be careful of the sharpness when cutting things in the kitchen, or your fingers will become the proof of their sharpness.  You can easily cut meats, butter, and other similar stuff. But, be mindful while cutting hard foods as they have a history of breaking. 

Knife Box

It can be an excellent gift for your family and friends. The Turquoise Ceramic Knife set block not only holds the knives safe but can be used as a gift too. Moreover, the beautiful set also enhances the aesthetics of your Kitchen. 


The biggest issue with the knife set was they easily detached from the handle or would break at the joint. But, that has been fixed by Turquoise. But still, be cautious while cutting hard stuff. 

3. Hannah’s Kitchen Knife Set

A kitchen set, which is more like for gifting than to keep in your own Kitchen. Whether gifting your lovers or to yourself, the colors Hannah’s Kitchen Knife Set will put a smile on your face while prepping a healthy meal. 

With eight different colors, 8 Pieces of equipment, and an affordable price tag, Hannah’s Kitchen Knife Set is probably the best knife set if you are attached to designs. And, the set is nifty on its own, so don’t worry about the quality. All the pieces are light and comfortable to hold.

Hannah's Kitchen Knife Set

Attractive Design

Every utility of your Kitchen enhances the aesthetic of your Kitchen. Hannah’s Kitchen knows this and made the most beautiful knife set. Women love these types of knives, and about ninety percent of buyers of the set are women. 

You get eight color options to choose from, including beige, blue, green, pink, purple, red, rose red, and yellow. So, no need to sacrifice color while buying it. The set also has a ceramic knife holder. Thus, it even can be a perfect Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day gift. 

A Full Pack 

What do you need from a kitchen set? It has everything you need for your kitchen, even out of the Kitchen. Total eight pieces of utilities include a Carving Chef Knife, a Meat Chef Knife, a Cleaver Chopping Chef Knife, one pretty multi-purpose kitchen scissor, one fruit and vegetable peeler, one acrylic stand, and a cutting board. 

Watching the list and quality of equipment, anyone would think the set is an expensive one. Surprisingly, it’s among the least costly blade sets on the list. But, there isn’t any compromising with quality, as the 3CR13 high-quality stainless steel is used in it. That made it corrosion resistant, weigh mild, durable, and solid. 


The blades of the knives are pretty sharp. So, to keep up with the keenness of the edges, a comfortable handle is a must. And Hanna’s Kitchen made sure of that. The round and soft handles are sleek and comfy to hold. There are few safety measures, so you don’t hurt yourself while cutting something. 


There aren’t many issues with the knife set. As a budget-friendly tool, the plastic handles feel a little cheap, and the colors aren’t accurate in every item. 

4. Juzanl Ceramic Chef Knives Set

Juzanl Ceramic Chef Knives Set is another decent chef knife set at a very low price. Like the previous one, this set also comes with colorful knives. But, rather than focusing on aesthetics, it’s more performance-focused.

The blades are made of rigid materials, so those don’t break even under high pressure. You can expect your inexpensive Juzanl knives to last longer than most of the expensive steel knife sets. This set is also a complete set with all kinds of knives you need. Just avoid cutting frozen and extremely hard foods.

Juzanl Ceramic Chef Knives Set


You will cut your finger if you get fooled by the plastic appearance of the Juzanl Ceramic Chef Knives Set. All the knives have a keen sharpness underneath the simple look. Moreover, these kinds of knives are capable of preserving their sharpness for a long time. Their edge makes the cooking enthusiasts and chefs known as fans. 


Despite their keen sharpness and rigid build, the featherlight weight made me a massive fan of them. The knives are one-third weight of the steel blades. Thanks to the lightweight, I highly recommend it to the new cooks or them with less control. 

Color Verity

Color verity provides the opportunity to dress your Kitchen in different ways. The set of kinds comes in different colors, including red, orange, yellow, blue, and green. But the downside is, each handle has various colors, and you can’t choose only one color. 


Firstly, the handle of the knives makes it a little challenging to hold. Second, like all the other knives, you can’t play around with hard foods, which also limit the knife potentials. And, lastly, the handles are made of a bit off quality plastic. But, looking at the price, that’s reasonable.

5. CREPOW 6 Piece Ceramic Knife Set

With a six-inch chef’s knife, five-inch utility knife, four-inch fruit knife, three-inch paring knife, peeler, and acrylic knife holder, this Crepow has covered all you need in the Kitchen. While with various use of the long knife, the side knives can be used for prep work. So, showing off your knife skill can run smoothly with the set. 

CREPOW recently has made some name for their budget-friendly ceramic knives. Although they may be lacking in some areas, the blades are keen-sharp and solid. All the knives are light with comfortable grips, allowing you to have good control. Moreover, the anti-slip feature of the handles lets you grip well while fast copping.

CREPOW 6 Piece Ceramic Knife Set

Simple And Affordable

There’s nothing fancy about the design of the CREPOW japan ceramic knife. Those come in black handles with a simple knife stand. But, this allows it to focus more on the blades. The blades are made of zirconia and have great corrosion resistance. So, they are both sharp and stay sharper for a long time. But still, the knives are super affordable. 

Single Solution To All

The set contains five pieces of knives with an acrylic knife holder to protect the sharpness of the blades. You can make great daily use of the knives to cut boneless meat to fruits and vegetables. Thus, most of your cutting tasks can be done with a single set. 

Cost Friendly

CREPOW is one band that offers reasonable ceramic knife sets. There are two plus points when you buy an inexpensive knife first rather than an expensive one. Firstly, you don’t know how long you will stick with this passion. So, even if, after some time, your mood changes, there won’t be too much holding back. 

Secondly, you can tell if the knife type is suitable for you or not. If not, you can pick other types without hesitation. So, the CREPOW 6 Piece Ceramic Knife Set is a blessing for many.

Things You Should Keep in Mind When Buying a Kitchen Knife

Ceramic knives are a great variety of knives. Their sharpness, lightness, and sturdiness make them favorites of many kitchen chefs. But, when you get to the serious stuff, there aren’t any alternatives to steel knives. Anyways, there are a few things you should consider while buying a ceramic chef knife set. 

Check if the ceramic knife block contains the three essential elements – what we consider the three essentials: a chef’s knife, utility knife, and serrated bread knife. You use a chef’s knife for chopping onion and parsley. Make sure the blade is curvier enough. The Curvier the blade, the better it is. 

Though, once the paring knives were considered to be the must, now, the longer utility knife is recommended by many chefs. It is used for pairing an apple, slicing small blocks of cheese, or similar tasks. 

A good knife set is incomplete without a long, serrated bread knife. Additionally, an extended thin slicing or carving knife can be an excellent addition to your Kitchen, and some good sets have one. 

Here’s a piece of advice – many knife sets come with additional tools that increase their price. Please don’t buy those extra tools unless you are sure what you will do with them. Also, make sure to buy a set with a block, which is also considered as a piece of the set. It’s an excellent tool for storing knives so that the blades don’t get damaged or nicked; most importantly, you don’t hurt yourself. 

But, you should keep the space of your countertop in mind. Select one that will suit both your need and kitchen space. 


There are many reasons to start with ceramic knives. Opposingly, there are also several logics for steel knives. In a single word, I can’t tell you a specific best knife type. You need to experiment with yourself to see which fits you. 

But, as I said, start with Ceramic knives. They can be an excellent tool for your Kitchen and will last long. That being said, let’s call it a day. 

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